John Kelly

John Kelly


My band in its most current config is a three piece with two of St. Petersburgs finest backing me up. Jeff Martin on Drums and Tim Poole on guitar and Harmonica. I play guitar and sing. We have an alt country sound that just rocks.


Originally from Teaneck, NJ, John began playing music at the Red Lion on Bleecker St. in NYC and made a name for himself in New York's Greenwich Village area. Early on he felt the need to express his own style of music. "I learned alot back then...playing molds you. I played them all...Allman Bros., Marshall Tucker, Eric Clapton, The Grateful name it. I loved being on stage playing and singing. I just wanted to play and sing my own songs".

In 1995, John put together a band and went by the name Cross Eyed Chicken. "This band was fun...a lot of crazy stories there! I wasn't too serious about it looking back, but I sure had fun. I owe a lot to those guys". Later, John and the guys got serious and decided to move to Nashville, TN - a long time dream of John's. "I was definitely going. I didn't know what was gonna happen...and I didn't expect the guys to follow, but they did and I was damn glad". They hit most of Music City's hot spots and made a pretty good name for themselves. They changed the band's name to Leftfield Jackson after John's dad, Jack, (another story). John continued writing and playing with a more serious and dedicated approach.

The band broke after seven years of great music, but not before completing their long awaited debut, Just Another Day. "I still think about those days... some of the best years of my life!" With a bunch of songs on the shelf, John and a few of Nashville's own put together a seven song CD, entitled There's The Door. "There's some really interesting stuff on that CD. I had an opportunity to have fiddle on a couple cuts... I think I found my sound around that time - much more acoustic".

John then moved to St. Petersburg, FL and formed The John Kelly Band. "What a great band this was - these guys were so talented - we knocked the heck out of my three chord tunes". Steve Moretti, Sly Bryant and John made up this rootsy country rock trio. John penned and recorded two more CDs, Everyone Tries and Waiting with the help of Steve and Sly. (They also demo'd two songs, "Jackson" and "Take Your Time", which can be found in the music gallery. Steve's drum and vocal contributions can also be found on the Waiting album on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7.) The trio still looks forward to future shows together.

Unfortunately new families and new opportuntities would pull these guys apart. Steve moved to Oregon to persue his career touring and john gave Nashville another ride.

Now, back In St. Petersburg, FL, John and his new band can be seen at the Old Northeast Tavern every Saturday night.


In Your Heart

Written By: John R. Kelly

In Your Heart

A time will come, you’ll gow up and move along
you’ll find your way out on your own

And you’ll see the world, you’ll open up and close some doors
But, don’t forget son where your from

And the road is long, but take my prayers along
And always know...

That i ’ll be the wind and the breeze in your heart
I’ll be the street for your feet when you don’t know where you are
And when you’ve traveled too far
I’ll be the wind and the breeze in your heart

And chance are, you’ll make friends and find a girl
That grabs your eye and takes you by the heart

She might be the one, she might be everything you want
But take your time don’t don’t fall to hard

Maybe love this time will break you down inside
You won’t be alone....

Cuz i’ll be the wind and the breeze in your heart
And i’ll be the tears for your fears when it all gets too hard
And when you’ve traveled too far
I’ll be the wind and the breeze in your heart

Set List

John Kelly 2005

set 1

1. Help Me
2. I won’t Let You Down
3. Heaven Help
4. Jackson
5. Been Found
6. Sayonara
7. The Square
8. The Last Train Out
9. The Ride

set 2

1. Talkin’ In My Sleep
2. Ready For Love
3. Handle With Care
4. Don’t Leave Me Now
5. Lucky Day
6. Cowboy On The Loose
7. Together In The End
8. Everyone Tries
9. Got A Feeling