John Kocher

John Kocher


It is an acoustic pop duo that possesses the utmost of talent. Thought provoking lyrics teamed with passionate delivery make this group a must see/hear.


Throughout his chaotic upbringing, music has always been a crucial aspect of John Kocher. Having to share time between two totally different home environments, he was tested both emotionally and musically; John discovered the true beauty of rock and roll music as he escaped to the sounds of Aerosmith and Pearl Jam.
High school was clearly a struggle for John, yet finding a passion for playing music he loved led him to places he never thought he would find. He started his career as part of several cover bands that entertained locally. With this experience, John went off to St. Norbert College (De Pere, WI) in hopes of finding himself as well as continuing his promising music career.
At St. Norbert, John began delving into his own musical creativity as he wrote several songs and debuted them for his friends. Not only did he realize his own talent and potential, others from the surrounding music community also took notice. John was introduced to Goran Kralj from a local band known as The Gufs, a musician he had admired for years. With their similar sound and style of music, Goran and John shared the stage at several different venues across Wisconsin including various college campuses.
Aside from his solo music career, John joined forces with a group of musicians from Menomonee Falls Wisconsin who became known as Risqué. The group compiled a number of intriguing songs, recorded a full length album, and gigged around the Milwaukee area. The band began creating their own buzz with songs such as “A Night Out,” “The Result of Anger,” and “Be Punk,” which was played on WLZR Lazer 103’s “local licks.”
The members of Risqué eventually branched off on their own, allowing John to focus solely on writing and recording his music. This has been an opportunity for him to get his own voice heard throughout Milwaukee’s music scene. Not only does John continue to play at various open mic’s and coffee shops, he has also had a number larger performances. He was able to play at The Rave with the local band known as Spirit Creek as well as the national act Keane.
John is currently continuing to write, record, and perform his unforgettable music. He is proud to have recently recorded a single entitled “Another Place, Another Time” featuring Milwaukee legend Sigmund Snopek III on piano. John is definitely on his way to finding a successful career in the music business and looks forward to sharing what he has with people willing to give him the chance to be heard.


Without a Trace

Written By: John Kocher

Snap your fingers...blink your eyes
And realize your life's passed you by
Never hesitate to look inside
Your hopes, your dreams, its where it all resides

Your running it will not save you face
If all you want is just to find your place
Yea your life will be right here when you return
But you dissapeared without a trace
You dissapeared without a trace

Face your fears...its what iv learned
Denial holds you down I must confirm
Now set your sights my dear and reach the sky
The time is now dont bother askin why

Yea where you are Im afraid depends on YOU
You'll show them all there's nothin you can't do

No Day But Today

Written By: John Kocher

Well how the story unfolds
And not to sound cliche
A young man who saw his world
From a far off distant place
It was a place so cold
With Nothing there left to embrace
Until across a crowded room
He saw an angels face

When it all falls down and no end is in sight
I focus on what I really know inside
There's no day but today
And after all the pain and the pressing times I look deep in her eyes and I realize
There's no day but today
There's no day but today

And there she was...bright like the morning sun
Radient and beautiful
It seems miracles can be done
I never ever looked back
I just looked into those eyes
And got lost beyond belief
Forever hipnotized

Im never letting go
Im never losing hope no no
Im never looking back
Im never giving up on you

Another Place...Another Time

Written By: John Kocher

A reaching hand
Why dont you see?
And God why aren't you hearing me?
Iv come this far please someone see me through

A selfish lie
you feel the sting
The nights my telephone won't ring
Which one hurts the most? I'd say its YOU

In another place...another time
I won't be tightrope walking that thin line
Between reality and whats inside my head
And happiness come back someday
And catch us up on all we've left unsaid

A faithless kiss
A sleepless night
I'v never lost my will to fight
Press rewind
Its time to make this right

Your emptiness
So deep inside
The search for you
Believe I'v tried
When all is lost there's nothing left to hide

Cuz im growing tired of all of this
A life minus desire is one way I choose to NEVER live again


Internalization EP (2001) - produced by Barry Johnston
Cie la Vie (2002) - produced by Joe Gorman
Dignity (Single) (2003) - produced by Al Boyce
Without a Trace (Single) (2003) - produced by Al Boyce
Another Place Another Time (Single) (2005) - produced by Sigmund Snopek III

Set List

1hr 30min set -- (Include some talking with audience)
1.No Day But Today (original)
2.Back Home (original)
3.Polly (Nirvana Cover)
4..Result of Anger (original)
5.Wear Me Down (original)
6.Without a Trace (original)
7.Why? (original)
8.Cold World (original)
9.Dignity (original)
10.A Night Out (original)
11.Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Poison Cover)
12.Staring At A Mirror (original)
13.In Front of Me (original)
14.Welcome To My Heart (original)
15.Another Place..Another TIme (original)
16.High and Dry (Radiohead Cover)
17.Last Goodbye (Gufs Cover)