John Kuhns

John Kuhns


John Kuhns' music is far too joyful and self-effacing to place him in the now-overused Angry Young Man category of singer-songwriter. His wry, wonder-filled lyrics offer certainty without cynicism, in the context of infectious, superbly crafted folk-rock-pop melodies that invite repeated listenings.


John Kuhns was lead vocalist for Austin hard rockers Diamonds Edge 1988-89, guitarist for the industrial rock group Listen 1989-90, and guitarist for California folk rockers Totems 1990-92. He returned to Austin in 1993 and was lead vocalist and guitarist for the acoustic band The Johns. Since the breakup of "The Johns", John has focused primarily on perfecting his songwriting craft, while also supporting other Austin singer/songwriters on guitar and vocals.

He has shared the stage with Taj Mahal, Guns -n- Roses, Mr. Big, Don Dokken, Jeff "Skunk¨ Baxter, John Entwistle, the Tower of Power Horns - as well as members of local acts Beto y Los Fairlaines, Asleep at the Wheel and the Atlantics.


Waiting For An Angel

Written By: John Kuhns

You are so kind
I thank Heaven everyday that I can call you mine
And you are so good
I know I don't deserve you and I know that I never could

All My life
I've been waiting for an angel, darlin'
And all my life
You've been standing here
Right before my eyes

You are so sweet
I'd walk a thousand miles just to lay down at your feet
And you are everything I ever needed
I don't know where I'd be without you
I just know that I would be defeated

All My life
I've been praying for an angel, darlin'
And all my life
You've been standing
Loving me
Right before my eyes

On And On

Written By: John Kuhns

Any minute she could walk into my open door
I'm not certain I'll ever see her any more
She says she's coming home but she won't say when
I don't care where you say you're headed to
Just remember I'll always be here loving
You can come back If you ever want to see me again

You and I
We go round and round and round and round
This old world keeps spinning
On and on
On and on

I've been sitting
Waiting by the phone
I feel like quitting
I think I'd rather be alone
I haven't been alone since I don't know when
And you can claim you never
needed me
Say you never gave me more than just your sympathy
But we both know that you never had a better friend

On and on we're sailing through this perfect storm
This old world keeps spinning
On and on
On and on
On and on and on and on and on

At The End Of My Street

Written By: John Kuhns

When I called you on the phone
I was waiting for an answer
But the silence sounds to me just like "I can't, sir".
Will I always be alone
Some solitary dancer
Dreaming of a new way to romance her

And it's sad to think that nothing waits for me
At the end of my street
Can you see me?
Can you hear me?
Can you pray for me
When you lay down to sleep?

When I'm falling towards the floor
Would you raise a hand to save me?
Or would that just require too much bravery?
When I'm crawling towards the door
Would you walk along beside me?
Or would you walk in front of me to hide me?


Listen To Me Now And Hear Me Later - 2004 (solo)

Set List

Waiting For An Angel
One Minute
Dance With Me
Like A Song
For real
She Lies
My Destiny
Love Is Waiting
What If?
Perfect World
Used To
In Your Dreams
For Your Love
Drive Me Crazy
At The End Of My Street
Common Man
Me And You
On And On
Rescue Me

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