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Alfred, New York, United States | SELF

Alfred, New York, United States | SELF
Band Pop Rock


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"#21 on PowerpopStation's Best albums of 2011 list"

#21 John Laprade "World-Class Faker" - PowerPop Station (Brazil)

"Laprade assembles an album of classical style, marked by a songwriting that strictly respects the canons of the genre"

Esordio per questo cantautore newyorkese (di Brooklyn, per la precisione) che si inserisce, con efficacia, nel filone della canzone americana, tenendo - ovviamente - ben presenti i classici, ma nel segno di una 'modernità' che lo può far accostare a nomi come quelli di Rufus Wainwright o Elliot Smith (per quanto riguarda il suo più intimista) o Brendan Benson (nel caso dei capitoli più 'accesi').
Voce e chitarra, sono in maniera abbastanza prevedibile, il cuore sonoro dei brani, che raramente si limitano a questa essenzialità: pur mantenendosi in gran parte dei brani una dimensione acustica o semiacustica, infatti, Laprade arricchisce costantemente i propri suoni con un'ampia gamma di strumenti, a partire da piano, organo e violino, in qualche episodio spingendosi fino all'utilizzo di wurlitzer, glockenpsiel, strumenti giocattolo.
Ad aiutare Laprade interviene un nutrito numero di musicisti, la maggior parte presenti in maniera costante, a dare vita a una vera e propria band di accompagnamento, alcuni invece in veste di veri e propri ospiti e tra questi, a nobilitare il disco e in una sorta di 'garanzia' per la validità dell'autore, svetta Richard Lloyd dei Television in una Knock you down che non a caso è il pezzo più tagliente trai dieci presenti.
Un disco all'insegna di una classica 'poetica degli sconfitti', tra rimpianti e flebili speranze.
Laprade assembla un disco di stampo classico, all'insegna di un cantautorato che rispetta rigorosamente i canoni del genere, riuscendo comunque a non sembrare scontato; certo è troppo presto per poter affermare che 'di lui risentiremo parlare', ma le potenzialità appaiono discrete.



Debut for this New York singer-songwriter (Brooklyn, to be precise) that fits, effectively, in the vein of American song, taking - of course - well aware of the classics, but in a sign of 'modernity' which he can be approached in names such as those of Rufus Wainwright or Elliot Smith (as regards its more intimate) or Brendan Benson (in the case of more chapters 'bright').
The heart sound of the songs, which are rarely limited to this simplicity: while staying in most of the pieces a semi-acoustic or acoustic dimension, in fact, Laprade constantly enriched their sound with a wide range of instruments, from piano, organ and violin, in a few episodes going up the use of Wurlitzer, glockenpsiel, toy instruments.
Laprade intervenes to help a large number of musicians, most of these on an ongoing basis, to give life to a real backing band, as some do in real guests and among them, to ennoble the disc and in a sort of 'guarantee' for the validity of the author, Richard Lloyd of Television stands in a Knock you down, which not coincidentally is the piece more cutting ten before anyone else present.
An album dedicated to a classic 'poetry of the defeated', from feeble regrets and hopes.
Laprade assembles an album of classical style, marked by a songwriting that strictly respects the canons of the genre, but manage not to seem obvious, it is certainly too early to say that 'resend him talk', but the potentials are discrete.

MARCELLO BERLICH - Losing Today Magazine (Italy)

"indescribably wonderful! Album"

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I can be indescribably wonderful! Album "World-Class Faker" years and 11 SSW of Brooklyn, of John Laprade. It is of Astro Chicken John was active in the 1990s or that Teyuu! ! The first track you want to rock, the soul! I would also sway here in the heart of "Soul Shaker" and sing. High-quality pop-rock reminiscent of DC Cardwell and Matthew Sweet. Personally, and for key things, like Thorns route Americana than that of something featuring the "Knock You Down" (It is what network it Matthew Sweet) guitarist Richard LLoyed of TELEVISION and "Blind" has been in the video the album is to listen and how to strike a sympathetic chord and Tommy Keene! Wilco you can listen in (or home page of the song was better press exploded melody of crying - powerpop academy japan

"World-Class Faker #26 on Absolute Powerpop's top Albums of 2011"

#26 John Laprade "World-Class Faker" - Absolute Powerpop

"John Laprade "World-Class Faker""

"I’m not sure what this Brooklyn-based singer/guitarist has been doing in the 11 years since recording 2000’s Almost Anywhere, the last of three albums with his former band ASTRO CHICKEN. But whatever inspired him to finally record his first solo album it proves worth the wait. He has a knack for crafting engaging, instantly hummable pop confections, each banged out in crisp, uncomplicated fashion by his proficient band (which includes FAB FAUX drummer RICH PAGANO and, on “Knock You Down,” legendary TELEVISION guitarist RICHARD LLOYD!). Meanwhile, Laprade sings in a modest, sincere voice that recalls Matthew Sweet and Ken Stringfellow/Jon Auer, sometimes providing his own backing vocals (as does BARNEY MILLER, his Astro Chicken bandmate). With ultra-melodic ditties such as “Soul Shaker”, “Blind,” and “Anytime,” World-Class cements Laprade’s welcome return."
- - Mark Suppanz, The Big Takeover Magazine

"Goodbye Harmony Guy: Singer/Songwriter John Laprade Takes Center Stage"

Singer/Songwriter John Laprade just went from supportive "harmony guy" sidekick to show-stealing solo artist with his debut solo album "World-Class Faker." Formerly a guitar player and vocalist with NYC rock band Astro Chicken, Laprade has released one of 2011's best indie albums.

Joe Viglione, music critic for TMRzoo, says "'s just totally brilliant pop -- ."

"When I started writing World-Class Faker I think I wanted to make a record like Elliott Smith's 'Either/Or.' Intimate, simple, moody recordings." Laprade says. "There are some power pop tunes, some darker ballady type songs, some rockers, and some country flavor as well."

The album's co-producer Emmy-nominated Robert L. Smith says "I loved working with John on this album. It was fantastic to see him channel his heroes and come up with his own take on things. I feel like what we came up with stands right up there with the same quality."

When asked which songs had special impact during recording, Laprade talked about how song "Knock You Down" surprised him.

"We spent most of the session doing some of the slower moodier songs and going for the 'less is more...don't overplay' philosophy. When it came time for 'Knock You Down' we were running out of time and I think we were all burnt. I basically said to the guys 'go nuts...more is more.' They pulled out all of the stops, especially Joe (drums) who is just amazing on that song. We did one take and listened to the playback and kept it."

Laprade has a long list of important musical influences, including The Beatles, U2, Wilco and Matthew Sweet. "Matthew Sweet's album 'Girlfriend' came out just as I started writing songs and recording and I was so blown away by him." His other influences are much closer to home. "This list could go on and on -- But I have to mention my old Astro Chicken band mate Barney Miller . He was very encouraging and was never stingy about giving out writing credits for song ideas I contributed to his tunes. He also encouraged me to 'write more bad songs' as a way to be less precious about the process and that advice was so important for me because I was such a harsh critic of my own ideas that I would abandon songs before they had a chance to form."

The first video release for "World-Class Faker" is Blind and was created by German film-maker Dirk Roth. - - Jennifer Haase,

"John Laprade’s World Class Faker Is The Real Thing"

When a perfect pop/rock song like “Soul Shaker” comes along it’s hard to express to people in words what a fun experience they’re in for. But with the internet and artists posting the music to hear for free a great production and solid piece of songwriting like this has a chance to emerge and conquer the planet. Go to to check it out. For those who love “Soul Shake” by Delaney & Bonnie (the lp To Bonnie from Delaney) or the quintessential Flamin’ Groovies track “Shake Some Action” (the 45 RPM from the U.K., more than the Sire lp title track), this could be the parallel world sequel to the Groovies song of love and lust. With Laprade on vocals, electric guitar, Rich Pagano on drums, bassist John Conte and backing vocals by Michael Miller, Barney Miller and Laprade, this song has all the elements. My favorite new release from an artist I’ve not heard of before so far in 2011…it’s just totally brilliant pop and landed on the #1 spot on my JoeVigTop40 blog for May.

The first video is for “Blind”, another excellent song with great production from Robert L. Smith (producer for Stacey Rose, engineer for Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Carly Simon, Spin Doctors; re-mixer for David Bowie etc) – hooks galore and solid words power this well balanced collection of ten songs. Television’s Richard Lloyd shows up on “Knock You Down” with some very Television-esque Roxy Music-without-the-keyboards groove in a different setting. “Anything At All” is a folksy Kenny Rankin-type number, a brief two minute and ten second chance of pace that works very nicely on this collection. But it is “Anytime”, track 9, is as good a track as “Soul Shaker”, but in a different way. With flavors of the great Jerry Ross’s production work on Keith of 98.6 fame, featuring the exuberance felt on “Live” by the Merry Go Round or “Have I The Right” by the Honeycombs (though not the groove, just the feel and majesty and similar vocal) sunshine pop with a Beatle-esque piano, “Anytime” is something the summer of 2011 desperately needs to fill in the gaps. If radio and the supermarkets overplayed “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt (over 16 million spins on YouTube), why are the programmers not out searching for something as exquisite as this?

Producer Smith engineered one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs, “All Alone On Christmas” from Home Alone 2, which got heavy play on AM 1570 WNSH when I was program director up there back in the day…it’s great to see his sublime production work on artists like the aforementioned Stacie Rose as well as Monica Ott and now Laprade (and others). Robert L. Smith, Jr. is a producer to watch…he’s got the ear and he’s finding extra special artists to work with. John Laprade’s World Class Faker is impressive, despite its deceptive title. Encore. - - Joe Viglione,

"A New Voice on the Scene"

John Laprade is a new voice on the scene. "Blind" is a terrific single, with a hummable chorus and reminds me of Glen Tilbrook, Tommy Keene and Wilco.
- Aaron Kupferberg, Powerpopaholic - - Aaron Kupferberg, Powerpopaholic

"The makings of a budding pop craftsman"

Brooklyn's John Laprade follows up his 2008 EP Blind with his debut full-length, and he shows all the makings of a budding pop craftsman. He masters a variety of styles, from the bright power pop of "Soul Shaker" and "Blind" (yes, he's re-worked a few tracks from the EP), the Popicana of "Last Time" and "Tennessee" (which is "right next to Arkansas"), to the expert balladry of "Anything at All" and "Infinity". Also of note is the appearance of legendary guitarist Richard Lloyd (Television, Matthew Sweet) on the rocking "Knock You Down". I've had this disc for a couple of months in advance of its release, and listening to these tracks again for this review felt like reuniting with old friends, a real indication there are some quality tunes here. - - Steve Ferra, Absolute Powerpop

"Don’t be fooled by the album’s title"

Don’t be fooled by the album’s title. “World-Class Faker,” Laprade’s full-length debut is the genuine article: a cogent reminder for listeners that a great, true pop song is always worth hearing, having, and holding close by your side .
- Jonathan Perry, music critic/columnist, Boston Globe - - Jonathan Perry, music critic/columnist, Boston Globe


2011 World-Class Faker - John Laprade,
2010 Blind ep - John Laprade,
2005 Sweet Truth - Barney Miller,
2000 Almost Anywhere - Astro Chicken,
1998 Sugarwater - Astro Chicken,
1996 Disposable - Astro Chicken,
1992 Gorilla Theater - Gorilla Theater



John's debut solo album "WORLD-CLASS FAKER" (LostSatelliteRecords) made several "BEST OF 2011" lists...Most notably #26 on Absolute Powerpop's top Albums of 2011 and #21 on Brazil's Powerpop Station.

Joined by friends and seasoned NYC musicians with a similar obsession with The Beatles, Elvis Costello, Squeeze and others, the album features legendary guitarist RICHARD LLOYD of TELEVISION and MATTHEW SWEET and drummer RICH PAGANO of THE FAB FAUX.
“World-Class Faker” was recorded in the big city studios of NYC and a small town bedroom in Alfred, NY.

Here is what people are saying...

“Don’t be fooled by the album’s title. “World-Class Faker,” is the genuine article.”
- Jonathan Perry, music critic/columnist, Boston Globe

“With ultra-melodic ditties such as “Soul Shaker”, “Blind,” and “Anytime,” World-Class cements Laprade’s welcome return.”
- Mark Suppanz, music critic, The Big Takeover Magazine

“Laprade shows all the makings of a budding pop craftsman.”
- Steve Ferra, music critic, Absolute Powerpop

"Laprade has released one of 2011's best indie albums."
- Jennifer Haase, music critic,

“Totally brilliant pop.”
- Joe Viglione, music critic, TMRzoo

“Laprade is a new voice on the scene and reminds me of Glen Tilbrook, Tommy Keene and Wilco.”
- Aaron Kupferberg, music critic, Powerpopaholic

"World-Class Faker is set to win the hearts of many an americana and powerpop fan."
- David Bash, founder/ceo, International Pop Overthrow Festival

The song “Knock You Down” was used as the soundtrack in a commercial for the A&E Network and Laprade's music has been used in original programming for both MTV and VH1 and in the feature film “Labor Pains” starring Lindsay Lohan.

John is a former member of the power pop outfit Astro Chicken (HoneyDarling/MeaningfulRecords) NY DAILY NEWS pick for band to watch & MOJO MAGAZINE Americana pick & HITS MAGAZINE'S buzz band.

John plays regularly around NYC and Brooklyn at venues like the Rockwood Music Hall, the Living Room, the Bitter End, Local 269, etc.

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