John Leep

John Leep


Acoustic Rock. Alot like Eric Claptons unplugged version.


Beach Rock! A little bit of Country! A little bit of Rock and Roll! That's the only way to classify John Leep. He has an original sound of his own. A Virginia native, beginning his musical career in a band called Country Aristocats with nashville recording artist Bobby Martin. Also known as the original founder of the Freightline Band which performed weekly at a club own by Donna Dixons dad called Hillbilly Heaven playing with her brother Roy and Sister Sherrie. Performing with many Nashville legends such as: Kitty Wells, Bobby Wright, Stella Parton. Since then he's played from Washington D.C., Pittsburgh to the East and West Coast of Florida. Having influences from Eric Clapton to Brooks and Dunn, of course with a John Leep flair. Interestingly enough he was named after John Glenn Jr. the astronaut. Now he is finally making a name for himself with his debut "Arrived" CD. He personally wrote each song and played each instrument with the exception of Echoes. You can purchase the ARRIVED CD at or visit his website.



Written By: John Leep

They say my voice is an echo
That my body's a shadow
A restless spirit
On a lost highway

Starring through repflections of the past
Always forward, never looking back
Swimming through, the endless river of pain

But I'm not afraid of change
I may get lost but I find my way
Like a restless bird on a drifters wing
I'm not afraid of change

My spirit always teds to roam
Always searching for a home
A never ending quest
For the enraged

There are no limits, only in time
There are no answers, only in rhymes
Questings in Circles drive you insane

Repeat Chorus:


Arrived CD

track 1- When You said Goodbye
track 2- Don't Blame Me
tack 11- Time After Time

Set List

When You Said Goodbye
Don't Blame Me
Standing Tall
As A Rule
Still The Same
Make It Home
The Door
Time After Time
You Lay So Easy On My Mind
True, Faith Believer
Let It Go
I Feel The Rain
Words In The Sand
Danger Zone
If She Knew

Sets are Usually 2 hours