John Lennox

John Lennox


A cross of country jangle and soulful sweeps. A little 70s rock glitter, a little Americana timbre.


I was born in a small town in Southern Ontario and was raised near a piano in St. Catharines, Ontario. Forced to play Chopin and jazz. I wanted to be a baseball player. I gave my first public performance when I was ten. I cried. I started playing guitar around eleven or so, did time in grunge and noise bands until I discovered Bob Dylan, some French singers, and Nina Simone. I moved to Montreal to go to school, and spent five years or so working on theories of contemporary poetry, deciding in the end it was all, or nearly all, bunk. I put out my first record in graduate school; all five hundred copies are gone now, though I remember some of the songs. Then one summer's day I walked away from school (having worked mainly on John Ashbery; love that guy), went to Yellowknife, NWT, where I became a family man, and moved back to Montreal to make Into the Bull's Shoulder, which I put out in 2005. View Magazine calls it Montreal's best of 2005. Melora Koepke of Montreal's The Hour says I'm the man all the musicians she respects in Montreal have been talking about, and with good reason. Well, ahem, that's right! In the summer of 2005 I bought a camper van, and have been living in it and touring since. I write this at the House of the Nine Dragons in Chicago, June 6, 2006. It is sunny and windy. That, in a nutshell, is my life. I've spent the last year promoting Into the Bulls Shoulder, have toured around Canada and parts of the US, sharing stages with some great acts, among them: L.A.'s Eleni Mandell, Gabe Minnikin of The Guthries, Dala (Universal Music), Angela Desveaux (thrilljockey), Cherie Pyne, Mark Bragg, and many others. I got a big kick at playing the Pop Montreal festival, and I'm constantly impressed by the nice venues I get to play at: The Hideout (Chicago), The Rivoli (Toronto), The Black Sheep Inn (Wakefield), The Ship (St. Johns), and Casa Del Popolo (Montreal), among others. Things are pretty good. So what does the future hold for yours truly? Nothing but fame, fortune, and mastery. I'm interested in analog recording, old soul, reverb, James Schuyler, fixing cars, parenting, free jazz, the American novel, hockey, Jim Jarmusch, and having millions of friends.


Into the Bull's Shoulder, full-length album, 2005
John Lennox, full-length album, 2003

Into the Bull's Shoulder was recorded onto 2'' tape at Breakglass in Montreal, under the guidance of David Smith. There are guest performances by Angela Desveaux and Jason Kent, with some guitars provided by Jon Cohen and drums by Chris Wise. It plays on radio stations across Canada, in some US states, and in a few countries in Europe.

Set List

Generally one hour of intense joy.