John  Ludington

John Ludington


Real people, fiction and current events fuel John's tales of brothels, tragic bass players, Internet mystery and more. "John, you give me a canvas worthy of the cultural soup we call existence." -Joe Dub


John Ludington plays locally in Humboldt County. Check out his latest album, 'Attic Window'. You can find 'Attic Window' and other releases at and at any of these shows:

February 13 - Carpetbag Brigade Show!!, Sebastopol, CA for details:
February 27 - Fox & Goose, Sacramento, CA
March 6 - Ramones, Eureka, CA

John Ludington was born in upstate NY and grew up in Liverpool, a suburb of Syracuse. His dad handed him his great grandfather's guitar when he was 9, cranked his fingers into shape and said, "this is a G". For two solid weeks, John played 'Where Have All the Flowers Gone', 'Tom Dooley' and 'Lady Came From Baltimore'. He then started writing songs.

John’s band, Barefoot Gravediggers was awarded Best New Artist at the Syracuse Area Music Awards in 1993 and their release, 'Chewing Lessons De Espana' was a great success.

John spent a few years performing in NY state and in ’96, he decided to visit his friend Seth Faergolzia of Dufus while Seth was producing his musical, Fun Wearing Underwear at Suny Purchase just outside of NYC. Inspired by Faergolzia, John wrote the majority of the material for his LP, 'Some Glitter' in that two week visit.

After a year playing the red line in Boston, John traveled to Northern Arizona where he planted the seeds for Milk Voice Records with his long-time friend, Samuel Santangelo.

John moved into a garage turned mother-in-law unit in Samuel’s backyard where 'Some Glitter' was born. Everything was recorded on a Tascam four-track using his dad’s old sm58’s.

'Some Glitter' stayed on the shelf. Instead, John and Samuel produced John’s first solo album, 'Clouds Today' in 2001 which was also Milk Voice Records’ first release.
Clouds Today is “A stellar achievement for a solo artist. It is whimsical, fully self-actualizing and cutting edge.”
- Jacques Laiberte, Culture Art Rag

In Arizona, John and Samuel teamed up with the physical theater troupe, The Carpetbag Brigade and in ’04, John composed a soundtrack to their stilt-walking ballet, Mudfire. John performed his soundtrack live on a four month tour with the Brigade from L.A. to British Colombia and back. Since then it has been broadcast from the Universal Forum of Cultures in Monterrey, Mexico to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

John and Samuel moved to Northern California after touring with the Brigade, and in ’08, Milk Voice Records released John’s second solo album, 'Some Glitter'. It was re-mastered and released nearly ten years after it was recorded at which time John took it on tour in NY state with Seth Faergolzia.

John released a new CD called 'Attic Window' in July, 09 and toured again in NY state with Dufus. He is currently working on a recording to be released later this year.


Frolicking Dog in a China Cabinet

Written By: John Ludington

The angles of her garden, that's her beauty
The harvest is her strength
Her young one speaks to me like a friend
She’ll treat you just the same
Her home up in the north is made of people
They’re waiting her return
She’ll study all year through
Till she's gathered all there is to learn

And I’ve stumbled on her spinning wheel
Man, I kicked it with my good shoe
I’m a frolicking dog in a china cabinet
It’s not funny

And these emotions here
They are my garments in her wash
This anger here
Is churning in her wash
And this sadness here
Is spinning in her basement
And sooner or later
I’ll have to go get them

And I don't want to loose myself
I only want to be searching for truth

Truth is the emotion we feel

Her fair skin whispers to me ”come and kiss me,
I am from Finland way”
Full in heart and bone
She is her own


Written By: John Ludington

Can anyone explain the logic in convenience at the cost of our future?
Come on and clue me in on the master plan
A reason for the loss of good stature

A hand full of shops gone under in a summer
And the rest are just treading water
Folks have strolled past each day, but alas
The season is through getting hotter
And it appears we’ve chosen just the same
Where do we think our bucks go
When we show for the low cost convenience of a big name
We get home quicker and Joe Shmo is that much richer

And the owner of the corner mart is out of smart ideas
And the thread she hangs onto is thin
It cuts deep within the very hands that run what we belong to
And what do we really belong to man?

Like every other
This town is finding it difficult to breathe
Like nobody’s brother
The big boys crowd in where they cram
And they wont share and they wont leave

And I want to know
Who’s selling property to them in the yard between your bedroom and mine?
And who gave them the keys to the offices of the Courthouse and City Hall?
And who stands in line to vote for them at the mall?
Are you choosing empty halls over a sunny sidewalk and someone’s life’s work?
Are you too busy to stop for that rather than filling the hat of some rich jerk?
Don’t you know my boss wishes she could pay me more?
She gets up every morning and works hard
Oh wont you please come buy goods from her store…
Just over look the construction
Don’t let governmental stupidity be an obstruction
Or you’re letting the drunken capitalist stupor
Stumble all over the streets you don’t pay for
When you lay your money down for millionaires in distant towns

All That Matters

Written By: John Ludington

The clouds today
Grey as can be
I thought of you
And wrote you a letter
In my head
It is a sonnet
Off the cuff
Whether you want it
That’s neither here nor there
You are all that matters

To show you what I mean
Listen dear
Lately it seems you wish
To disappear
And though I care
What can I do?
The only one to fix this thing is you

You seem to be in a rut
Don’t look at me
There’s nothing I can do
To get you out
You have to want it
Bad enough
Tighten your belt and
Get tough
You are all that matters

For no matter how much makeup
You cake on your face
No matter how drunk you get
Or how late you sleep in
No matter who you hang with
Or what you wear
No matter where you go
You’ll be there

Within your heart
There are seeds
Sprouts will start
Whenever you feed
On the light that shines
All around
Mine is a choir of sound
Yours is all that matters


Chewing Lessons De Espania
Clouds Today
Some Glitter
Attic Window

Set List

Usually, I play 10 to 15 songs in 40 minutes, though I do have well over 4 hours of original material.

Cyber Psychic
A portrait of a desperate man who wastes his time online getting psychic advice from George the Cyber Psychic. When his future turns into a nightmarish present he goes in search of George... with a baseball bat. he finds George's girlfriend, or so she says, and a kinky affair ensues during which, he gets the rest of his future read on his palm.

Bass Man
This is about a real guy. I was watching a band called Jo Mama play in a bar in northern Arizona. The bass player was "butter", you know, the kind of bass player that gives you a brain orgasm. But he looked like a train wreck and when the crowd called out for more he ordered a beer. I find bass players fascinating. People don't notice them until they're gone yet in my opinion they're the glue that holds the sound together. They’re a mobile rhythm section with the eyes and ears for all the beginnings, end