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John Luttrell

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John Luttrell is a composer, singer-songwriter, producer, and performer. His original compositions range from ambient instrumentals to solo piano and guitar to progressive rock. Founder of OtterSong Records and Atmospheric Music, John has a series of solo releases as well as group projects.


As a lad, John played in various groups in Europe, England, and the US. In the 80s, he played guitar and sang in the Los Angeles-based progressive rock trio Helios with Dave Veirs and Tony Betino..

In 1989, John worked on demos for the rock album Lost In My Dreams. This album was not released, but marked the beginning of OtterSong Records. In the 90s John performed at venues in California and composed material for new projects.

2000 saw the release of Underwater Flying Lessons on OtterSong Records, followed up by A Sense of Impending Levitation (2004), The Corridors of Time (2007), and The Dream Exchange (2013) on Atmospheric Music. John partnered with Russian composer Alex Tiuniaev on the ambient rock project Garden Hose Universe (2006), releasing the EP Falling. John has also produced and released albums for other artists on the OtterSong label.

John has written the score and created original soundtrack music for several films, documentaries, and multimedia projects. He is also involved in cinematography, production, and editing and is the founder of multimedia production company BasisMedia Communication.


-Solo Releases-
Lost in My Dreams (1989)
Underwater Flying Lessons (2000)
A Sense of Impending Levitation (2004)
The Corridors of Time (2007)
The Dream Exchange (2013)

Garden Hose Universe - Falling (2006)

-Music for Film-
The Long Way Home (2007)
Writer's License (2007)
Abstract (2008)
The Box (2009)
Search for the Key (2010)