John Mann

John Mann


Mister Mann is the solo project of Spirit of the West's front man and songwriter John Mann. After 11 albums and countless tours of the UK, Europe and North America with Spirit, December Looms is a return to Mann's stripped down Alternative Folk roots.


John Mann pens beautiful melodies with emotionally honest lyrics that capture the intimate moments of his hometown of Vancouver, its occupants, the fragile details of their dysfunctional love and the loss of the city's innocence. If Damien Rice was Jeff Tweedy and Jeff Tweedy was Josh Ritter, you'd come away with something kindred to December Looms.

John Mann is also an actor of the stage, film, and television. He can be currently seen on the CBC TV drama Intelligence, as CSIS Director, James Mallaby.


December Looms - 2006

Acoustic Kitty - 2001