John Mark Anthony

John Mark Anthony

 Birmingham, Alabama, USA

One of the most innovative unique artist the world has ever seen that hears and speaks to every heart situation... Smooth soothing voice from the Wilderness the voice of John Mark Anthony.


Failure is not the end. It’s a stepping-stone to greatness.”
~John Mark Anthony Bibbs

The third of nine children born to Apostle Herman and Sucile Bibbs on December 12, 1970 in Kansas City, Kansas, John Mark Anthony Bibbs is a musical force waiting to be reckoned with. Named after the biblical figure, John the Baptist, this multi-talented artist has been charged by God to pave the way for the second coming of Jesus Christ with his musical gifts. Compared to music geniuses such as Fred Hammond and Marvin Sapp, John’s powerhouse vocals and contagious energy are sure to bring down any house. Therefore, he writes from a heart of passion and life experiences, and aims to share them with the world.

Raised in Birmingham, Alabama where his father established a church ministry, John began playing the drums and singing occasionally. As he went on to high school, he participated in the Marching, Jazz and Concert bands as well as the choir. His talent led to numerous awards in All City and All State for “Excellence in Music.” He formed a Christian rap group called New Breed Deft MCs with his brother-in-law, Kevin Johnson. The duo also linked up with three of John’s brothers and formed the group, Righteous, which began performing at many churches and competitions throughout the state of Alabama. Through these groups, John garnered a wealth of opportunity that enabled him to develop his stage presence and ability to relate to audiences. John soon began taking music lessons with a variety of instructors to discover which talent would most enhance the gift God placed within him.

As he developed his piano skills, John never strayed from his father’s teachings and the Lord’s instructions. God soon led him to develop a choir at the church, now known as Repairers of the Breach. The choir included praise singers and additional musicians, which he leads to this day. Other church duties include Teacher, Assistant Sunday School Superintendent, Youth Leader, Minister, Minister of Music and Pastor.

John has a lovely wife, Alicia, who works with him in the ministry. Together, they have five children, three boys and two girls.

Continuing to move forward with the church, John is also throwing his heart into writing and producing his first album, which is close to completion. He recently released the powerful new single titled, “Hear.” A reflection of John’s desire and inward cry to understand and trust what God would have him do, “Hear” will encourage any listener to stop and seek the Lord’s guidance before making various decisions that will affect their life. At a time when the world is so confused and unsure about the economy and what the future holds for them and their family, this is definitely one song everyone should have in their music collection.


Enuf is Enuf

Set List

Set 1
Original and Cover

Blessing of the Lord - Byron Cage
Grace and Mercy - John Mark Anthony
Breathe into Me - Fred Hammond
Praise On - John Mark Anthony
From My Lips - John Mark Anthony
Thou Art a shield - Byron Cage
Enuf is Enuf - John Mark Anthony

Never would have made it - Marvin Sapp
Jesus Be a Fence - Fred Hammond
Praise is what I do – Shekinah Glory
Many more…

Set 2
Enuf is Enuf - John Mark Anthony
Grace and Mercy - John Mark Anthony
From My Lips - John Mark Anthony
Praise On - John Mark Anthony
From My Lips - John Mark Anthony
I Will Lift Mine Eyes - John Mark Anthony