John Mars
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John Mars

Clarkston, Michigan, United States

Clarkston, Michigan, United States
Band Hip Hop Gospel


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Debut Mixtape: I'm Focused
Sophomore Mixtape: Your Mercy
COMING SOON: What I Was, What I Am



In the first few years of John Mars's life his mother was a Christian. She was very religous so he knew about Jesus in his early years but he only knew religion. At the age of 5 John's parents got divorced and was introduced to a step-dad at this point JESUS wasnt a big topicof discussion at his house for his mother was in the world. At the age 6-7 John's family moved to Ohio with no money or anything. This is when the LORD started working is his mothers life. Jesus supplied for his mother when she had nothing, so Jesus was working slowly. In the late months of John being 7 he moved to Puerto Rico and was introduced to his culture for John is Puerto-rican. So John didnt really listen to rap music. At the age of 9 John's family moved to Massachusetts. At this point John was introduced to a different kind of culture and did not listen to rap music at all(it was still secular music cuz he was still livin in a secular home). The lord was working with John's mother still so it had little efftect on him. Johns mom was still clubbin with Johns stepdad. When John was 10 he moved to Pontiac, MI and was introduced to the hip-hop culture. This grabbed John's attention and he desired for it. By 2004(John was 11) Johns mom converted and found Christ(thats a testimony in itself) but this time she was all about relationship not religion. So John knew about Jesus a little. But still John was interested in rap culture he wanted nothing to do with Jesus. He was all about Ludacris, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Lil'Wayne, Fabolous and The Game. In 2005 John was introduced to Flame and Lecrae's music by his mother but listened to a couple songs and never thought about them again cuz he wasnt feeling it. In 2006 John was recording secular music and dropped a few secular mixtapes/albums needless to say he was full-blown secular. In 2007 Johns brother converted so the seed was being planted. John was growin' up in the worst part of Pontiac being told about Jesus by a bunch of his relatives. But John Believed there was no hope for a blessing cuz in a few months Johns mother lost her job(didnt lose her faith though.) So they moved to Clarkston and thats where John realized there was a blessing(he was out of the hood). And then in early '08 John was introduced to a couple cats named Nathan Figueroa and Daniel Colon. These two were into the hip-hip culture but were Chrisitans. They listened to Chrisitan rap and showed nothing but love so this brought John to Church a couple times. In Febuary 08' is when John mars fully converted and was baptized in August '08. Now Johns mission is introduce the youth to Christ Jesus and has a hearth for the youth. And does not want to see them without GOD...