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Bring You Down

Written By: John Maxfield

You can talk, talk, talk
You can do what you want
You can say what you'd say
And you can tell me anything and
I'll never put you away

And I won't lie, lie, lie
I won't start and I won't try
To hide from the truth
'Cause nothing you could say or do
Would ever take away my
Love for you

So don't talk about it
I don't want to
Never think about it
I don't want to
Do anything that
You gotta do- but
Never let my love bring you down

I could try, try, try
To let it go and get by on my own
But I don't want to spend another
Minute of my life all alone
And I can't stop, stop, stop
Let you go or give you up
What's the use?
I see everything I'll ever need
When I look at you


The Town Fair

Written By: John Maxfield

The girl from Illinois with the golden blonde hair
Is riding in her car to a small town fair
I'm riding at her right on a warm april night
Her telephone is ringing- it's her boyfriend on the line
I don't hear what he's saying- but she say's "I'm doing fine.."
"I'm not doing much," she says- I'm with this friend of mine...
The grills were blazing smoke into the damp spring air
And you could smell the bratwurst from halfway there
And you could hear the DJ playing hits of yesteryear
As she parked her brand new maroon Mercury Cougar
The beer is overpriced at only five and fifty cents
We drink it and we duck our way through all the yellow tents
I say "I think I love you"
And other small laments
As the elderly continue to play bingo...
She acts so surprised- well
By now I thought she knew
Standing next to her doesn't
Need a grand excuse
I'm holding up her hair while she
Vomits on her shoes...
The big parade has ended and
The dew is in the grass
And she's feeling better since
She dropped her plastic 'glass'
And somehow I gain up
The nerve to ask...
"Well I don't mind talking to you"
She says in the parking lot
"And you know that I like you-
Just not an aweful lot- now
help me out-
Where's my parking spot?"
It isn't missing-
It's behind those two kids
Who are kissing
Drunk, she drives her car home
And with no safety belt
She says I never
Should have told her how I felt
As an ash from her cigarette
Blemishes the felt
On her brand new maroon
Mercury Cougar
90 Miles an hour by the cop trap
She does drive
He doesn't put his sirens on
He lets her pass on by
She turns up her radio and
Sings along with the top five..
She took me home from
St. Jacob's Town Fair
She dropped me on the driveway
And left me there
Drive off and crash your car
For all I care-
Crash your brand new maroon
Mercury Cougar...