John McGrail

John McGrail


Johns music is a blend of folk/pop /rock which at times has a political bent to it.


If you are a right wing republican you should hear John. If you are a liberal left winger you will probably like him!

John makes no apologies for his politics and including them in his music. When pressed on this he merely will tell you "You wouldn't expect a man in love not to right about love so why would someone who is actually paying attention to the political world (a rare commodity in the USA) not write about that. It is all part of life!"


Songs For Troubled Times
The Sun
He has also written music for the Headwhiz Consort Moderne Internationale (an experimental group) on their album Baobob

Set List

Sets are up to 2 hours and the list varies as he has close to 100 origianl songs to choose from. He typically focuses more on newer material and songs from his albums.