John McLaughlin & the Rogues'

John McLaughlin & the Rogues'

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

The sound is Eerie Americana. It is like warm dirt & sex. It all is held together with a unified sound and a beautiful gravely voice. This artist stands easily in the ranks of Tom Waits and Nick Cave with on stage presence like BRMC and on two solid artistic feet of their own.


"As far as the other great media genres are concerned, John McLaughlin and the Rogues may be comparable to an abstract painting, an...obscure yet valuable corners of the musical world. John McLaughlin and the Rogues sound hit somewhere between dark Americana, dieselpunk, and “eerie graveyard blues.” The album is well orchestrated, but the band is best in a live setting. The group has a certain cohesion that is akin to what you might find in an experienced jazz combo. Their solid percussion, jazzy bass, and piano combine to form a strong rhythm section. Trumpet accents, growly vocals and guitar solos further compliment their Tom Waits-esque sound. If you have an ear to lend and an open mind, John McLaughlin and Rogues will certainly deliver.


John McLaughlin & The Rogues, Short Stories. OUT NOW!
"Pretty Little Girl" Single from Short Stories, Sepiachords Song of the day, dec. 2009.
Radio play, "Pretty Little Girl" & "Lines on my face" 91.9 KGLT.
"BITCH" Soundtrack, indie film 2009
"Framework" Soundtrack, Award winning Indie short film 2009
"Blocked" Soundtrack, Indie short 2008

Set List

Typical show is 97% original. 1 hour set. All covers have been altered to match our sound. Set list generally looks as follows.

1. Definition of a Rogue
2. Down, Down, Down
3. Minnie the Moocher
5.Pretty Little Girl
6.Lines on my face
8.House of the Rising Sun
9.She'll Say
11.Little Sammy Sideshow