John Michael Rose

John Michael Rose


I am a singer songewriter from Atlanta Ga. I have been playing music professionaly for almost 5 years. I mainly play blues and folk rock so my original sound is kinda like the new Bob Dylan sound with a mix of Beatles and Ray Lamontagne.


A fan once told John, "Watching you and listening to you play is like watching someone break out of jail." It began when John's father showed him how to play a C chord. Then he sat in his room for two years playing along with the radio and from a Beatles song book and annoying everyone in the house. Finally, John's sister, Michaela, came downstairs, played Hendrix's version of Voodoo Chile and Vaughan's version of Little Wing and said, "Until you can play like that, I don't want to hear your shit!" John Learned to play with his guts.
"You don't politely unlock the door and waltz down the halls and wave at the guard, then cruise through the gates outside to freedom. No! You blow up your cell door, run down the halls shooting...punch the guard in the yard and run out to freedom all while screaming your ass off as loud as you can. That's how I play. I'm a very emotional person and brutally honest...that's how people "get it" when I play."

John Michael Rose started playing around Atlanta for almost eight and has been writing for almost seven years. He has played some of the biggest festivals in Atlanta including, Sandy Springs Festival and the Roswell Music Festival. He is curently recording an album due out in June and plans to hit the road by July to support the album. You can check John and his music out at


Right now I am recording my first album myself and it has already attracted a nice following.

Set List

My shows are usually about 4 hrs. long and are about 3 or 4 sets. My sets include blues songs with a mix of my originals.