Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

John Lathim and Michelle Young are two skilled vocalists and songwriters, whose style is similar to celtic ballad rock, with some Southern rock and blues. We have electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums & bass, and sometimes mandolin and fiddle. The sound is contemporary with a flash of old Irish.


John Lathim performs a unique acoustic blend of Scotch, Irish and mountain music. John presents a cultural European-American folk sound with original compositions.
His songs tell of rural life of the farmer, the traveling vagabond and the minstrel, weaving stories of the pioneers and days gone by. John also sings about the working class culture and social issues.

Accompanists in the John Lathim band vary from gig to gig, but can include: Michelle Young, Vocal and Guitars, Stephen Smith, Bass; John Cady, Guitars; Travis Drew and/or Tommy Lifsey, Percussion; Tim Starnes on fiddle, harp, and slide guitar, and Jimmy Dormire on lead guitar.

On John's latest album he is produced and accompanied on Keyboard by Bernie Faulkner, formerly of the band Exile ("I Want to Kiss You All Over") and original producer of Billy Ray Cyrus and Montgomery Gentry. (See for more.)


His recent CD albums include "Chorus in the Wildwood", "Native Sons of the Pioneer Days" and "From the Heart of the Tiller Man." The next album is being produced by Bernie Faulkner with expected release in Summer 2012.