John MOuse

John MOuse

 Cardiff, Wales, GBR

"John Mouse has been described at the welsh Beck"
Bethan Elfyn (BBC Radio 1)

"John Mouse has released some great records..."
Huw Stephens (BBC Radio 1)

"It's A Universal, could beat up Daniel Johnston and Lou Barlow, easy Like"
Noel Gardner (NME, Plan B)

"Just give him a phone box, a cape, and watch em go!"
Louis Patterson (Plan B, The Guardian)

"The Welsh Johnny Cash or Kurt Wagner (seriously)"
Justin Evans (Buzz Magazine)

"Clusters bursts with originalit


John MOuse (ex songwriter with JT Mouse) is working on his 4th album.

Songs on other albums = stuff about postpartum sex, porthcawl fairground, oysters, vampires, gay incest with Steve X Factor Jones, panda bears, and cario.


Once upon a time in Ynysmeardy

Written By: John MOuse

I read from the menu, then look away from you. Chicken, lamb or beef. Start with the starter, would you like a dry wine? A beer, a cocktail a shot you decide.
Pass me the salt. Pass me the salt.
Will i ever Queue again, Will i ever queue again, will i have to queue again.
What are they doing? Are they killing the cow? I used to run for Wales, I was the fastest around. Ive a company car, a garage, a bike. If i ate with my eyes, you'd be my dinner tonight.
Will i ever Queue again, Will i ever queue again, will i have to queue again.


John Mouse Discography:

Humber Dogger Forties (LP) May 2010, Crocfingers.

Got you Shaking your head (Like David Gray) (Single) Oct 2010, Crocfingers.

The last great Rhondda romance / Sex with you (Single) May 2010, Crocfingers.

It's A "Universal" (LP) Nov 2006, Crocfingers.

JT Mouse Discography:

Clusters (LP) March 2003, FF Vinyl.

Swingers (10" EP) Dec 2001, Complete Control Music.

Sundrenched Torso / Superman (Single) Sept 2001, Boobytrap.