John Mueller

John Mueller


Roots of Buddy Holly with Hank, Woody and Chuck Berry shaken in a martini glass. Honest and straightforward tales with a sometimes wicked and wry sense of humor.


John Mueller is perhaps best known for his worldwide concert and stage portrayals of Buddy Holly and for his acclaimed Winter Dance Party show (a tribute to the final tour of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper), the only tribute show endorsed by the Holly, Valens and Richardson estates. He is now venturing outside the Holly persona and concentrating on his own compositions and touring. His first original CD entitled "A Boy's Gotta Do What a Boy's Gotta Do," was a fifties-esque blend of pop, rock, country and even surf and featured ten original songs and two covers. The bonus track “Hey, Buddy” first debuted live in Chicago on WGN's Steve and Johnny Radio Show and was also included on their first ever “Best of Steve and Johnnie Show” live CD entitled "Life after Dark" on the Nation Records label. The song has also aired on regional stations across the U.S. as well as the UK.
Two songs off of John’s latest original CD, “Romance and Redemption” were used in the horror flick, “Bloodline." A new music video of his song, “Hey, Buddy,” shot entirely on location at the famous Norman Petty studio has been released and is getting rave reviews.
In 2004, John was proud to have performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with John Mellencamp, Marshall Crenshaw, Nanci Griffith, and Joe Ely for a concert celebrating the legacy of Buddy Holly. He has also shared the stage before with Taj Mahal, The Coasters, Bobby Vee, Marty Stuart, Tommy Allsup and Bill Haley’s Original Comets to name a few.
Though John is indelibly linked to Buddy Holly and Holly’s influence can be heard in some of his songs, he’ll forever continue writing and performing his own compositions and hopes to start where Holly left off: Creating new and vivid sounds in the classic American roots tradition. Hail, Hail Rock and Roll!
The Chicago Tribune: "John Mueller is living proof that Buddy Holly's legacy lives on.”


Thanks for the Laughs

Written By: John Mueller

Copyright John Mueller 2003

Verse 1:

Thanks for the Laughs, thanks for the lovin'
I'm lucky I put nothin' in your oven
There doesn't seem to be anyone at home
Well, it's become so very clear
Your only asset was your rear and now I know your heart is made of stone


Thanks for the lovin', thanks for the laughs
Thanks for nothin', now I'm free at last

Verse 2:

You picked your perfect time to split
Your girlfriends egged you on to quit
And you kicked me when I was already down
Someday you'll know what I was going thru
And wish you had someone to help you
Instead of getting treated like a clown.

Repeat Chorus
Solo 8 bars

Verse 3:

You're old enough to know what's real
But your T.V. guide tells you how to feel
You think it's all so nice like sugar and spice
Another re-run of "Friends"
And you're all warm and fuzzy again
Even though you've seen the damn thing twice

Verse 4:

Well, someday if you ever wake up
Put down your lipstick and your makeup
Take a long good look in your mirror
Your wrinkles won't be overlooked
Your life won't be no rosy book
And you're all alone, and the end is nearer

Repeat Chorus

Patch of Earth

Written By: Klaxon Surallis


Verse 1:
Slowly now the coals of dawn are burning
Show me how to put them out to spark another day
Who can say the day you'll be returning
Who can know how time may go and sweep a life away…
But darling I would wait for you forever
And if my fate comes due before your home again to stay try and find
A patch of earth…

Chorus: A patch of earth where I'm sleeping, a patch of earth where I'm keeping
All my love in a promise of rebirth
Plant a seed, see it flower
Plant a tree, see it tower
Come and find…a patch of earth

Verse 2:
Darling you don't know the northern winters
Not a sign will show if I've been swallowed by this ground
A cross of wood is soon a pile of splinters
A slab of stone soon overgrown or ransomed off in town
So here's the thing my dear you must remember
If you should learn upon return I'm nowhere to be found, try and find
A patch of earth…

A patch of earth left untended, a patch of earth where life endedSo forlorn but with a promise of rebirth
Plant a seed, see it flower
Plant a tree, see it tower
Come and find…a patch of earth

Help me to Forgive and Forget

Written By: John Mueller

HELP ME TO FORGIVE (and forget)
John Mueller, copyright 2004

I’m tired of drinking and tired of thinking of what might have been.
And I can’t fight something I can’t see and expect to win.
And I don’t wanna carry this burden till I grow old,
But like a ghost, you still haunt my very soul.

Help me to forgive and forget
Help me to see a rainbow yet.
Help me to drown my foolish pride
Help me forgive and forget one more time.

I’m tired of mopin’ and tired of hopin’ for your return.
But I can’t hold down what I feel and not get burned.
I can feel you right here yet I’m all alone,
And I wonder if you have a happy home.


Tag last line.
Instrumental outro.


Written By: John Mueller

Don't try to catch me on the mend
Don't even want to be your friend
Don't try to tell me who you are
'Cause we’re not gonna get that far

Don't try to whisper sweet nothing
I'm not looking for that kind of loving
Don't try to tell me what you need
There's only one way to proceed


I’m just your toy,
I just wanna be your toy,
I just wanna be your toy.

Don't try to make me drop my guard
'Cause my heart is way too hard
There was a time when I could feel
That a love could be for real

Repeat chorus

I don't want to hear you ramble
'Bout how I'm some kind of gamble
I'll find someone someday
Who'll treat me in this special way

Repeat chorus


Repeat chorus


"A Boy's Gotta Do What a Boy's Gotta Do," 2000 CD release.
"Romance and Redemption," 2005 CD release.
"Hey, Buddy" single has international airplay.

Set List

Set List is geared always toward each unique situation. Bar gigs have more covers in them, all classic country and rock and roll, i.e., Hank, Willie, Waylon, etc. along with Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee, Everly's, Holly and some early Beatles. Coffee House and folk type shows feature mostly orginal tunes done accoustically with trio, duo or singlehandedly. Humorous road stories and experiences told in these environments.