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While most 20 year olds are still trying to figure out what to do with their lives, Johnna Day is already making a name for herself. With 12 years of piano under her belt, being self-taught on the guitar and the occasional drum jam sessions, Johnna brings more to the table than your average singer-songwriter. With much anticipation that's been building within her last year and a half in the Nashville area, Johnna will release her debut EP in early 2010.

"I really want to focus my music more on God and get the message across to teenagers. You know how bad the world is today - what's the point of all the cuss words? It can be upbeat and popish without all of that stuff," Johnna states about her upcoming release. The 6 song EP, produced at Gray Sky Music in Owensboro, KY, will encompass a wide range of vocal and musical stylings ranging from sounds like Britt Nicole to Paramore. Johnna certainly has her own sound that has a little bit of something for everyone.

In the song, "Grieve With Thee," Johnna deals with a grieving heart calling out to God. The song changes from the point of view of us crying out to God, to His ultimate answer of "You're not alone, Grieve my child, Please grieve with Me."

"I Don't Blame You Now" and "Live" both deal with young relationships and the realism of feelings and breakups. Driven with an acoustic guitar feel, these songs will have you bobbing your head and singing along with Johnna. "More Than Anything" has a more-edgy Paramore feel to it, while "Breakfree" will have more of a laid-back country crossover mood.

All 6 songs from the EP are strong lyrically and stylistically, but "Something To Hold" is sure to be a smash hit with a message that will reach across generations. In this song, Johnna sings about the feeling of being alone, looking for comfort. She conveys the message, that while we can't see God, he's still there, giving us something to hold.

Come 2010, Johnna Day's debut EP will be flying off the shelves. This is most definitely an album that will be "something to hold" onto for years to come.


"Breakfree" - coming April 2010

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