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My name is John Nathaniel and I am a singer/songwriter/producer as you may have noticed. I’m an indie artist, yes indie in a way that I’m kind of a “do it yourself person” and that I’m not a rich rock star that rents the most expensive hotel room and ends up throwing a TV off the balcony while reaching for my next beer! (Not that I think Major artists are like that...I just really like to be dramatic!) I want to give you guys a genuine image of myself, the real me! I don’t want to act like something or someone I’m not! I don’t want to brag on my music profile and tell you that I’m the next big thing…it’s up to you to decide if you like the tunes or not!

So here’s a little bit about myself….

I own a recording studio where I am a producer and that’s where I record all my songs! I can play guitar, piano, bass and a bit of drums! I also write my lyrics and compose my own music and arrangements (where the title singer/songwriter)! Did I tell you I also sing? Well it’s sort of a given now isn’t it? I write and compose all my songs but I’m always opened to co-writing if the chemistry is right! I love long studio/writing sessions where the inspiration is just flowing and creativity becomes the main theme, although I have to admit, I’d rather be on tour than in the studio, cause that’s where the real fun is!

One thing I never want to lose is the acoustic feel I have going on. I always believed and will always believe that a great song can be sung only with an acoustic guitar and will still sound good. It’s okay to polish your great song and add details, it’ll just make it better in the end or it’ll make it sound fuller…You get my point right?….But if you’re adding details to a song that’s not so great to begin with, you’re only polishing a piece of turd! Hahaha

Even though I’m only 24 (soon to be 25), I do know a few things about the music industry! I used to be in a band…we were signed, we had videos that were on heavy rotation, we toured then we broke up! But that is not what this story is about! This story is not about my past! This story is just beginning and actually, you guys are part of it because I believe you can help me through this amazing journey!

I wanna travel the world, do intense tours and continue making a living out of playing music and singing! I wanna see you guys at my shows singing my tunes and having a blast! In a way, it’s all up to you and me, together we can make this happen!

There are many ways to be part of my story and help me out : order my cd, tell your buddies about my music, starting a street team, spreading the word on the internet (Myspace, Facebook, MSN Messenger, etc…)!

Thanks to all of you for your amazing support! You are the reason why I'm doing this!