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"Olympic Radio Review"

“A totally in ya face sound, similar to Garbage, but perhaps even more accessible” –Steve Elliot, Head of Music, Olympic Radio UK.

- Olympic Radio UK

"Creem Review"

“How will you love her? Let me count the ways. She can play a guitar just like ringin’ a bell and her band kicks like a government mule. She’s gonna renew your flagging faith with the almighty power and glory of her rejuvenating rock ‘n’ roll. So go on her website and buy this CREEM approved album of hers right now. That way, when Johnnie’s on a major label and ruling the roost at the top of the pops, you can smugly say to the downtrodden barfly sitting next to you that, yeah, you knew her back when.” – written by Jeffrey Morgan for CREEM Magazine

- Creem Magazine US

"1340 Review LP"

“Taking cues from chick rock icons like Joan Jett and Bif Naked, Burton delivers a high energy rock album that is just sexy enough to get your attention, just accessible enough to keep your attention, and just raw enough to be the real deal. This album certainly holds it’s own among the boys, I’ll even go as far as to say that it is better than most of them. Fans of great rock and roll will find a lot to love about Johnnie Burton.” –written by Mark Fisher for 1340 Magazine, US. - 1340 Magazine

"Zeigeist Review"

“Now here’s a lady who knows how to rock! With proper guitars, interesting lyrics, and a powerful performance… People are going to say Hole, L7, blah-blah-blah, but that’s just lazy journalism so I’ll just point out that she can sing, play guitar, and write songs… [Johnnie] puts in a powerful performance with more than a few hit singles.” –written by Stuart Hamilton for Zeitgeist Magazine, Edinburgh, UK. - Zeitgeist Magazine

"Trakmarx Review"

“First thing’s first, Johnnie Burton is a ladee- that’s right. Secondly, Johnnie Burton has one shit hot old skool punk rock and roll group backing her up. Together they make a gloriously traditional racket with one eye trained on rock n’ roll authenticity – and the other on mainstream success. When it pushes all the right buttons at once- ‘Hello Lover’ and ‘These days’ (both massive hit singles in a perfect world) – it’s peerless in its genre pool” – written by Guy Debored for TrakMarx magazine, UK

- Trakmarx Magazine

"Lat32 Review"

“Johnnie Burton. The best way to describe this girl would go something like this. If Johnnie Burton and Ashlee Simpson met in a dark ally Johnnie would kick Ashlee’s ass. Johnnie Burton is everything Ashlee Simpson wants to be and more. But we digress. The music; Pop rock at its best…” –written by Will Overbaugh for Lat32 Magazine, San Diego CA. - Lat32 Magazine

"Glasswerk Review"

“Where Courtney Love lost the musical plot, Johnnie Burton picks it up off the floor, dusts it off and adds venomous attitude; her own brand of punk rock and some proper pop sensibility. Johnnie Burton shows she can appeal to the masses without losing any valuable cred points with anti-ballads like ‘Red Rubber Ball’. A skuzzy Avril Lavigne. There’s no lack of diversity here. Yes, she’s a woman, yes she writes great big dirty guitar anthems in an overwhelmingly male-dominated genre but let’s forget the whole female rock empowerment thing for a moment. Regardless of sex and genre, this is an impressive debut which deserves to stand out on its own merits.” – written by Darren Godfrey for Glasserk Magazine, London, UK. - Glasswerk Magazine UK

"1340 Magazine Review 2"

“Throughout the years many a man has dominated the world of rock and roll. Only a handful of women in the genre have garnered the respect of their male counterparts though. Strong women like Bif Naked, Joan Jett, Deborah Harry, and the like spent years making names for themselves while clearing a path for artists like newcomer Johnnie Burton. Burton’s tough as nails but distinctly feminine approach flies in the face of the idea that rock and roll is ‘mans world’. With an amazing debut album just released Johnnie Burton is set to shake the foundations of any rock fan’s music collection.” Written by Mark S. Fisher for 1340Magazine, US. - 1340 Magazine


“This album is so well produced and written, it’s shocking a major label hasn’t discovered her yet. [Johnnie’s] music adds a much needed flavor on the current rock and roll plate. It blends all that was perfect with the late 70s punk delivery along with a present day chorus hook. Songs like HOLE IN THE SKY and VOLCANO belong on an iPod that could incorporate Nirvana and Nikka Costa. Irony laced ballad tracks like ORDINARY DAY and HELLO LOVER prove that Johnnie Burton could find herself on tour with Green Day or Sarah Mclachlan, the music is that versatile.” – written by G Money, US. for - IndieBuzzBlogSpot

"Pucknation Review"

“California’s Johnnie Burton has written an infectiously catchy record, with great hooks and better lyrics. The style of music falls as a near perfect marriage of 90’s alt rock and modern power-pop-punk, uniting as something not completely original but fresh in this sea of current fake punk princesses and bland screamo acts. Burton’s voice, which travels from throaty and raw to oddly seductive, carries the lyrics well. Unlike many singers with a similar sound, she actually retains her catchiness and womanliness, something most lose as they try to prove something. Burton isn’t trying to prove anything. She just straight rocks. How much do I like this record? Enough to say, maybe we’re giving away too many 9’s and 8.5s, because by comparison, this 10 (of ten) isn’t doing the record justice. How’s this for a vote of confidence: I want to sign her to the label. Seriously. If you see this Ms. Burton, and you aren’t being courted by some other label already, that was a serious offer.” Written by Puckett for Pucknation Magazine/ Little Heart Records, US. - Pucknation Magazine


Johnnie Burton's first self titled LP (11 songs)
- airplay on over 180 college radio stations in the US and Canada.
'Hello Lover' video
- debuted in over 2000 retail stores across the US
'Honey & Blood' - Brand New EP!!!
- Produced by Adam Moseley (The Cure, Nikka Costa) and Ralf Balzer from 'The Flys'
All are availible through Itunes, CD Baby and



Johnnie Burton blends rock, pop, punk and great songwriting in the style of artists such as Paramore, Garbage, and Joan Jett. She writes all of her material and is currently in the studio with mega-producer 3x Grammy winner Narada Michael Walden. Johnnie Burton has performed on the Warped Tour, received college radio airplay from over 180 stations, had her video entered into rotation in over 2,000 retail outlets, and has nearly 15,000 fans on Myspace. Johnnie has received rave indie press in the US and UK. She is currently endorsed by Daisy Rock Guitars. Supporting Johnnie is a professional band made up of members from gold record artists The Flys. Johnnie’s music can be heard in featured shows on MTV as wells as the Oxygen Channel’s new show ‘Bad Girls Club’. Johnnie currently has a deal withTop Records for the Italian territory and Zenext Records for the Japan territory.

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For more info or to request a package contact:
Ralf Balzer
(323) 806-2001
Bettie Rocket Music Group
Bettie Rocket Entertainment

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