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Paving the way for Brooklyn to regain it's rap presence in the music industry


Most rappers these days claim to have a certain swag about them, something that makes them stand out from the rest. Maybe it’s star status, maybe it’s the fact that they light up a room when they enter capturing everyone’s attention while doing so. One rapper who has that certain kind of something is Brooklyn’s new favorite emcee, Johnnie Floss. Following the footsteps of some of BK’s finest like Jay Z, BIG and Fab, Johnnie Floss uses his witty wordplay and viscous punch lines to get your attention. Don’t get it confused though, although he is trying to rep for his city, Johnnie still maintains the ability to make universal records for the world to embrace.

Johnnie Floss states “I want to be the next best thing coming out Brooklyn. Even though dudes like B.I.G., Jay-Z, and Fabolous are tough acts to follow I’m up for the challenge”. With his new single ‘I Keep it Rocking’ of his highly anticipated album ‘Flossing 24/7’ will tell the tale of how this up and coming future star intends to shine in the rap game.

Armed with quick and precise lyrical assaults, the ability to rock a crowd at anytime and the presence he commands when he hits the stage there is no doubt that Johnnie Floss came here to play with the big boys. Brooklyn we in here!




Club Touch
The Pyramid
Bowery Poetry Club
Remote Lounge
Producers Club
Club Giggles
HA! Comedy Club
Public Assembly
Don Hills
Amarachi Lounge
Five Spot
Elegant Hoodness Tour 08
Fluid Lounge


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Keith Murray
Jason Fox
Freekey Zeekey (Dip Set)
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De La Soul
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Lady Luck


Rap Fanatic Magazine (2009)
F.L.O. TV (2009) (Dec 09) (Dec 09) (Dec 09) (Dec 09) (Dec 09) (Jan 10) (Jan 10) (Jan 10) (Feb 10)
Coast 2 Coast Magazine (Feb 10) (TBP)
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Get Ryte TV (TBP)


Fresh Fridays MixTape Vol. 1
Sev Da Producer and DJ Ames Present International Hustle Vol. 5 Mixtape
A.D. the General’s Top Ten Artist of the Year MixTape (’08)
DJ 3 Stacks
Coast 2 Coast Vol 112 Hosted by Fat Joe


CW Post Radio 88.1 FM
Big Cal’s Radio Show 1240 AM
DWI and The Diamond District Radio Show 1FM JAMZ
DTF Radio ‘The VIP Pass’



Set List

8 minute set