Johnnie Mac

Johnnie Mac


A passionate & provocative blend of Aussie folk crossed with the power of acoustically infused punk, Johnnies wicked lyrics & story telling scream about a unique side of Aussie life & are sure to make you laugh& cry.

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Jesus Drove a Holden

Written By: Johnnie Mac

Words and Music by Johnnie McCarthy (2013) Copyright

Jesus drove a Holden
And he drove it way outback
It came as some surprise
That he’d bothered to come back
A silver station wagon
I think a HR 67
He put his foot flat to the floor and he screamed
Well this.......... sure beats heaven!

Well I know you know that Jesus had an enviable existence
He never used a drop of fuel or called roadside assistance
His Holden ran on faith, but tell me how do you explain that
To petroleum multinationals who just wanted him
They wanted him to keep quiet

Soon you could see every lost soul in silver station wagons
Headin’ out to find their guru west of ol’ Wilcannia
It had to be a Holden circa HR 67
They put their feet flat to the floor and screamed
Jesus take me to heaven

But one thing we didn’t understand was Jesus, he had faith
Not a catholic converter or some other ancient vice
He believed in love and hey that’s’ all he fuckin said
But through the dirty windscreens somehow
That message was misread

[CHORUS] So what was he doin’ out there
In that big brown land
In that smooth white car
Traveling oh so fast
Hell you just might ask

Well he was drifting oh so silently like moon through starry skies
Floating like some jelly fish above tar and white lines
Ahh Jesus never needed no joint to get his highs
He just passed on his message of love
And drove away... with a big, warm, fuzzy.... smile

But meanwhile out on the highway
It seems that even Jesus had underestimated the ability of modern technology to disseminate his message so rapidly!
Which raised an impending dilemma!
What would happen if say something on the internet just happened to be wrong
Even just a little bit?
What if, what if, somewhere, somehow, sometime, someone
Happened to get his message slightly wrong ,
Well that would mean that a lot of people would get the wrong message all at the one time

Pretty soon now Jesus had to save so many lives
A hundred thousand Holdens crashed along our country roads
They’d put their feet flat to the floor and screamed take me to heaven
But overtook on every curve with heads held aloft to heaven

We all failed to see that Jesus had belief in love and faith
There were no exceptions man he took it every place
It was his greatest statement that somehow we all ignore
But it’s why his holden’s perfect
And everyone else???
Hey we’ve fucked up along the road


Colours of her mind

Written By: Johnnie Mac

Words and music by Johnnie McCarthy (2013) Copyright

Have you seen her dressed in red
The bright colour goes to my head
And I wonder
What she’s trying to say

Have you seen her on the street
The crystal cool look
She gives each time we meet
Says nothing, of how she feels today

CHORUS The colours of her mind it seems
They reflect her mood
And her thoughts of me
She uses them to control my life
It’s her rainbow love
And she lets it shine over me

Have you seen her act and mime
She can fake it oh anytime
But she wont believe, that beauty is in vein
Have you seen her dress in grey
Sad and silvery she loves it that way
For happiness, is a game that she wont play


Have you seen her on my mind
You surely will because
She’s there all the time
Driving my calmer thoughts away

Have you seen her dressed in blue
To match her eyes and her feelings true
Well that’s how she wants me to feel when I’m with her
Yeah that’s how she wants me to be when I’m with her


The Chant of Namatjira

Written By: Johnnie Mac/Chris Drisco;;

Lyrics by John McCarthy & Chris Driscoll. Music by Johnnie McCarthy 2013 Copyright

Namatjira, Namatjira, white man fear of a Namatjira [REPEAT]

White man fear of a Namatjira [REPEAT]

Namatjira, Namatjira, white man fear of a Namatjira [REPEAT]

White man fear of a Namatjira [REPEAT]

Kept control of the works he sold
Namatjira, Namatjira, Namatjira

Took the money, destroyed the soul
Namatjira, Namatjira, Namatjira

Namatjira, Namatjira, white man fear of a Namatjira [REPEAT]

White man fear of a Namatjira [REPEAT]

Modern man Bennelong
Dance the dance, but not sing the song
Painted land with gifted hand
Painted land, outback land

Namatjira, Namatjira, Namatjira [REPEAT X 3]

Namatjira, Namatjira, white man fear of a Namatjira [REPEAT]