Johnnie Selfish & the Worried Men

Johnnie Selfish & the Worried Men

 Milan, Lombardy, ITA

If you believe that country music is a strictly American prerogative you’re maybe right…but Lambrate’s musicians don’t give up so easy!
With banjo, guitars and the worst vodka you can imagine, we’ll take you to a radical trip through country music. Our goal: amaze you.


Johnnie Selfish & the Worried Men is a country-folk band based in Milano, Italy. They have been playing all around Italy since 2007, developing their own irresistible mix of American old-time music, rock and blues. Between 2008 and 2010 they have recorded two albums (Jungle rules and Committed), played in a long list of Italian rock and folk venues, and efforted international tours in Europe, Japan and Australia.

In 2012 they travelled to Nashville Tennessee, to record their third album KAUNTRI MUZIK with American singer/producer John Wheeler (Hayseed Dixie). Coupling authentic folk-influenced songwriting and reckless electric guitar riffs in pure Mano Negra style, KAUTRI MUZIK is the new gift of Italian contemporary music, a radical journey to the very roots of folk music.

2007 Johnnie Selfish & the Worried Men were born and suddenly acted as significant live band in the Milan area (Italy)
2008 JUNGLE RULES, first self-produced album, is published
2009 Reach Rock Contest finals (RC is the most important emerging bands contest in Italy. That year, more than 600 bands took part to it: 6 of them reached the finals)
2010 Publish their second album COMMITTED, introduced during a tour in Japan
2011 Australia Tour
2012 Record third album KAUNTRI MUZIK in Nashville, Tennessee, produced by John Wheeler, Hayseed Dixies leader. In this record JS&WM collaborate with Mike Daly, Hank Williams Jrs pedal steel guitarist.


2008 - 'Jungle Rules', LP, Self-Produced
2010 - 'Committed', LP, Self-produced (A Buzz Supreme). This album had extensive radio play in Italy.
2012 - 'Kauntri Muzik', LP, Self-Produced (A Buzz Supreme). The album had extensive radio and tv play and web stremaing in Italy and Australia.