Johnny 99

Johnny 99


Rocks not Dead! Forget about all the new Corporate Punk sound-a-like bands. Right now there is an uncurrent swelling, a longing for a return to the days when rock was both fun and dangerous, when it moved your body as well as your soul.


When Kenny and Ammon started playing together in 2002, they envisioned a mostly acoustic band combining elements of alt-county, americana, bluegrass, and folk. Taking Sprinsteen's Nebraska as a starting point and building out from there. When Kevin and Joe came along the following year, adding drums and bass, the chemistry was undeniable and the quartet decided to not place any limitations on the style of music they were to play; whatever felt natural to them, is what they would play. Culling from their influences of blues, funk, and good old rock music, Johnny 99 found themselves falling musically between the groove of the Black Crowes and The Faces and the ecletic pop of The Replacements and Matthew Sweet.

After playing Hollywood's Key Club and Whisky-A-Go-Go a few times, they discovered to their happy amazement that their music really connected with lot of people. Though the band never thought of themselves as a "hair metal" band (and still doesn't), they found that a suprising number of Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Van Halen fans were really attracted to Johnny 99's brand of Rock n Roll. The band members came to the conclusion that what these new fans were saying was "we really miss when rock was fun music".

Currently, Johnny 99 is working on their debut album "Rock n Roll Could Save Your Life". Due out the beginning of 2006, the album contains an eclectic mix of songs ranging from folk to blues, from pop to straight-ahead rockers.


Falling For You

Written By: Kenny Jacobson

Pull me in a little closer
Make this thinking stop.
Maybe your kiss can make it real
when it's not.

I catch you staring my way
I like you when you blush
Time will have tell us
if that's enough

And if I'm falling, falling for you
I guess I'm falling, falling for you
Or maybe I'm just falling, falling for you
Falling for me.

No reason this can't be real
Just never crossed my mind
See if you want to love me
I could find time

And when my pusle starts racing
I know I'm finally there
Sometimes I can convince myself
Of anything...

Like I'm falling, falling for you
I guess I'm falling, falling for you
Or maybe I'm just falling, falling for you
Falling for me.

Finding Out

Written By: Johnny 99

The sea is shining. I walked it over in my mind.
Sometimes i drown, sometimes i'm fine
I crack a smile as waves pummel me
small price to pay for being free
Drops of water are our days that make these waves.

(Chorus) I'm finding out what I made of now.

Blessed and cursed. She's felt both extremes.
Sometimes it seems all empty cribs and broken dreams.
When the darkest night gives way to the brightest day she'll say:
"it's not want i'd choose, but i wouldn't want it any other way."
though the meaning hides through these events, it's seen in retrospect

(Chorus) I'm finding out what I made of now.

Hidden water feeds the streams, and the rivers feed the sea
I'm not everything I thought I was, but one day I'll be...
one day I'll be...
one day I'll be...

finding out what I made of now.

How Could I Say No?

Written By: Kenny Jacobson

She'd call me up when she was lonely
When her latest lover left her cold
I never had much going on
So how could I say no?

She'd take me to her hiding places
of sunset shadows and sandy toes
She'd take my hand to complete the picture
How could I say no?

With every word the darkness spread
she'd empty what was left of her soul
She'd ask me if I still loved her
How could I say no?

My stomach knotted at her stories
Of all the hands that touched her as they'd go
Every one swore he was different
So could could she say no?

Do you know what it's like to walk with a woman
Who turns heads everywhere you go?
I've never been too much to look at
So how could I say no?

She said if only we had met
in her innocence so long ago.
"You're too good for me", she said
And how could I say no?


Picture This (Kenny's college band Picture This), 1994
Take Everthing I Ever Wanted (Kenny's solo album), 2004
Rock N Roll Could Save Your Life (to be release Winter of 2006)

Set List

Best I Never Had
Crazy For Your Love (Part 1)
Crazy For Your Love (Part 2)
D.C. Roxy
Falling For You
Finding Out
Good Converstation
How Could I Say No
I Can't Read Your Mind
I Don't Want You To Go
I'm Alive
Into Another
It Happens Every Year
Least Of All Me
Licking My Wounds
Love You More
Never To Die
Not What I Need
Only Words
Over You (Won't Lose Anymore Sleep)
Part Animal
Poor Rita's Daughter
Pull The Trigger
Rock n Rock Could Save Your Life
Send Me Home
Seven Wonders
Springtime Again
The Others
There's A Light
These Days Of Ours
Waiting For Someone
What I Want, What I Need, and What I Get
When We Were Young
You Go Your Way
Your Heaven

All I Want Is You - U2
All Just To Get To You - Joe Ely
Atlantic City - Bruce Springsteen
Black Sheep - Martin Sexton
Born On The Bayou - CCR
Can't Always Get Want You Want - Rolling Stones
Casino Queen - W