johnny adonis

johnny adonis

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I'm a rapper w/ my own story to tell. i consider myself to be a story teller. i rap about the things around me, the things i've gone through,or what others around me have gone through. I try to rap about a wide variety of things. I try to write songs for everyone,and all ranges of emotion.


I was born in Columbus,OH. I grew up in a single parent home. My father left when i was 4. I started rapping when i was 15,and have been rapping ever since. Through everything i have been through, poverty, jail,violence,drugs,and relationships w/ people, rapping is the only thing that has remained constant. Rapping is my outlet. I make songs about different things at different times due to what ever emotion i am feeling at that time. I don't have a certain style or flow. I listen to the beat and basically write what the beat tells me to. The beat paints a picture in me head. I consider myself to be deeper than most rappers. I'm not all about rims,jewelry,and females. I write songs dealing w/ social and economic issues. Some of the things i have wrote about are religion, teen pregnancy, racism, war,social and economic status,drugs, and the other subjects which are typically brought up in rap. I consider myself to be a cross between mid-west and dirty south combined. I have a lot of rock and roll,and blues influence. Basically, at the end of the day, if u listen to my album and atleast one song causes you to analyze your current situation or hits you emotionally , then i did my job. I just want to be heard, and I feel I could be very successful with the right marketing.

Set List

my typical set is any where from 30-45 minutes.