John Alberici

John Alberici


“John Alberici has pushed the boundaries of normal guitar playing to it's breaking point by fusing soul, funk, folk and experimentation into a truly unique style. John's gentle and coaxing approach to music makes for an intimate performance whether he's using a traditional guitar, fretless baritone or double-neck acoustic. His innate sense of rhythm anchors the sound to the floor while his melodies soar. And he's a nice guy to boot. ”


John Alberici's eclectic style walks that dangerous line between genres, so lightly treaded by many singer/songwriter's. There’s endearing folk in there as well as deep soul, unabashed pop and twisting jazz. What bubbles up from this mix is honest music that respects what you’ve heard on the radio and strives to feed your ears something different.

Alberici (acoustic guitar/vocals) has created incredibly innovative music that combines the craft of songwriting with virtuoso musicianship, all the while remaining true to the “Jersey Sound” he has evolved from. Memorable melodies and energetic playing woven together by a storyteller.

Isn’t that what you’ve been looking for?


Set List

You are Everything
Just a Man
Your Return
Look Around
Please Stay
Baby I DO
Off the Hedge
Southern Highchair
One Bedroom