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Johnny Alexander

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Band Pop Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Cutting Edge Music Festival - Sunday Review"

By the time Johnny Alexander and his smiling band hit the stage, I was forced to bust a move! Alexander, vocally similar to Jack Johnson, Sam Cooke with a bit of Justin Timberlake thrown in there, filled the air with catchy and danceable R&B/rock tunes. Johnny Alexander finished up his set up with a boom –my favourite track by far - “She’s as Smooth as a Lady,” a must-be-checked-out single.
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"Johnny Alexander - Praise"

"I love when you see someone later in life that you remember from way back and their growth has not stunted.

Such is the case with Johnny Alexander. Since our days at Danforth Tech Johnny (second from right) has been writing and singing music that was indescribable save for a warm feeling in your heart and a dropping of your jaw in awe. I see that the trend has not died down.

Known for his sauve personality, expressive sound and kinky lyrics this new iteration of an old master (even at a young age) is fresh. See if you agree and keep your eyes and ears out for a fresh, unique and genuine, Johnny Alexander. "

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"Cutting Edge Festival Takes Over Kitchener"

"The rest of the acts that completed the day were no less impressive. Awaking State, Johnny Alexander, and Rebel Emergency kept the crowds stagebound, and the practically seamless transitions from stage to stage were well executed, making for a collection of acts that actually got to showcase their talent..."

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Live at Fireside



Johnny Alexander is a collection of five Toronto-born musicians who play in perfect harmony, rhythm, and style. Forming in late 2008, this powerful team of entertainers have performed on respectable stages across the country. The amount of time spent honing their craft is well over a hundred years combined. As a result, Dean, Jake, Jonny, John, and Torrie have evolved a sound that words struggle to justify. This is the unique formula that defines Johnny Alexander. It is an equation that results in magical, musical events that would be a shame for you to be deprived of any longer.

The recipe responsible for the type of music that Johnny Alexander cooks is best conveyed using comparisons to other similar, contemporary performers. Imagine the chemical reaction that would occur when combining the likes of Justin Timberlake, D'angelo, Jason Mraz, Sublime, and Jeff Buckley. These musicians best suggest the style, sensibility, and sound that is achieved by Johnny Alexander. Hopefully this gives you faint idea of what the band is all about. Now it's time to prepare both your mind and body to receive some of the satisfaction you probably didn't know you were waiting for.