Johnny and the Band

Johnny and the Band


The music of Johnny and the Band is drawn from a wide variety of music from the dawn of music up to the modern times. Their live shows are always packed with energetic delivery and a healthy dose of various musical genres. Audience involvement seems to feed our live shows and no two shows are alike.


The three members of Johnny and the Band have known each other for a long time, and had gone to school together. However, the band wasn't formed until years after high school. The members of the band had the opportunity to travel and live in many parts of the world in those intervening years.

The band was formed among a tight knit group of life-long friends and family, who have supported the bands endeavors. Within one year of forming, the band recorded a professional studio album of original songs, and played countless shows that kept people dancing and jiving during that time. Now the band has left their home of Calgary Alberta and thrown themselves into the fire of the US music scene. We have pulled apart our bank accounts and pulled together a touring entourage of a borrowed RV, a trailer full of gear including a full on PA system and gas power generator to power the entire band in order to rock out in the streets until the cops show up! It is a trip of sorts that will take us full circle around the continent, from the windswept prairies to the gentle breezes of the yucatan peninsula. No one knows how long the band will be on this tour, but its the music and the character behind the music that has taken us to most of these unbelievable places. As we continue down the road, the new situations we encounter strengthen the music and fortify Johnny. Although some nights are a tumultuous nightmare and we often get ourselves in way over our heads, its all about enjoying ourselves in this band.

Johnny is not a member of the band, but is the persona that is created from our collective presence.


Johnny and the Band EP (released July 1st 2007)

Johnny and the Band LP (released October 16th 2007)

Set List

We have a large repertoire of over 30 songs to draw from and each song in a given set will be decided based on the feel of the audience and the members of the band.

We love the excitement and energy of the live performance and sometimes songs are changed altogether based on the vibes of the room.

A few covers we routinely do are Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison, The Band - WS Walcott Medicine Show, Dave Brubeck - Take Five, Dispatch - Cut it, Match it etc etc