Johnny and The Pachecos

Johnny and The Pachecos


Four friends with four vastly different yet intertwined influences managed to blend them into a refreshingly "new" sound that borders on rock, metal, punk and hardcore without focusing directly on one genre, yet exploiting the best of all of them.


"If punk is supposed to be balls to the wall, then these guys have their Superglued their genitals to the cement..." was the famous (infamous?) words used to describe a live Johnny and The Pachecos gig. After a year of the worst luck a guy could have (thus the album moniker "...To Be Pachecoed"), luck was in the air as the entire band met one night at a local California dive bar. Rob Tedrick has been pounding the beats for years, and has paid his dues with many bands, including the successful Splitting Seconds. Johnny Shitbird cut his teeth with Mishap - a Rock/Ska outfit from San Francisco, and also founded The Eastbay Shitbirds - a street punk band out of the East SF Bay Area. Brandon Hall, a Seattle transplant from The Jolly Postmen, was swooped up by The Eastbay Shitbirds, and Johnny and Budweiser B bring their familiarity to The Pachecos. Which leaves Johnny Pacheco. The singer/songwriter has a unique way of writing which allows all influences that are present to be heard without generating something that is too forced. Punk/hardcore/metal/and straight blues rock n' roll permeate through the big sound that is Johnny and The Pachecos. A U.S. tour is in the works for June/July.



Written By: Johnny Pacheco

You can have anything you want
Just take it from me.
You could have anything you need
It's a conspiracy.
Everytime I look around,
it makes me happy.


Music from the underground,
sessions come weekly.
I can't wait to play again,
my favorite hobby.
Everytime I look around,
it makes me crazy.


Don't Wait on Me

Written By: Johnny Pacheco

We try the best we can.
Fuck around every now and then
so come on.

Try hard everyday.
Unwind by the fucking keg
so come on.

Don't wait on me.


Written By: Johnny Pacheco

You came you saw
you conquered it all.
Self test to strengthen your fall.
Put your mind up over matter.
Generate to conquer the battle.


I went down, got up again.
Lost my way through what never ends.
If there's a reason I will find.
A fucking curse a shadow to hide.


Written By: Johnny Pacheco

I'm sick and tired of your energy.
I'm sick and tired of your anarchy.
Cut your tongue off - I'll do it for free.

Why do you put yourself
in the middle of all the wars?
Suicide mission, another body and soul.
Suicide mission, another body and soul.

Haruined...a blind man can see a blind man can.


Debut CD "...To Be Pachecoed" to be released mid-February by Macula Records.

Set List

We usually perform one 35 minute high energy, no holds barred set with 14 songs. The set list changes from night to night, but usually includes the following:
Political Party
Don't Wait on Me
Budweiser B
Falling Down
Don't Push Me