Johnny Wendell

Johnny Wendell

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Dubbed "The Natural" by talk radio pros, Johnny has done more in five years in the business than most do in a career. From local in LA and SF, to national fill-in for Colmes, Miller, Malloy and Gibson, news/talk to lifestyle, Wendell can do it all!


A 20-plus year career as a punk rock singer/guitarist on both coasts, with stints as a journalist, syndicated columnist, commercial and film actor, CNN/Court TV talking head, screenwriter/playwright and radio host. Bostonian by birth, a West Coaster by choice.


2002-2004 KFI-AM640, LA
2004-2005 WRKO-AM680, BOSTON
2005-Present KTLK AM1150, LA, plus: KIFR 106.9, SF, Fox Talk Network, NovaM Network, Jones Network.

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My show opens with a salacious little number from the 1940's called "King Size Papa" and then segues into the news of the day as seen through the eyes of someone that's seen pretty much everything (and will tell you so!).