Johnny Black Band

Johnny Black Band

 New York City, New York, USA

JOHNNY BLACK NYC CD produced by Daniel Rey w/guest Walter Lure .Played many CBGBs shows w/CBGBs Steve Mach on bass opening for Sik Fu*ks & Tommy Ramone & other punk bands. Recorded CD w/Jeff Salen/Tuff Darts/last gig-BBKings w/Dave Mason. Booked shows for & with Waldos,Tuff Jeff Salen, Michael Imperioli's La Dolce Vita, She Wolves, CJRamone, Steve Conte etc. Apperared prime time on A&E re: Thunders film and original Band.


Played CBGBs w/bassist Jill Wisoff & later friend Steve Mach on bass opening for bands like Sik Fu*ks &Tommy Ramone. I've played & recorded on the last CD by Jeff Salen from Tuff Darts,organized Johnny Thunders Tributes w/Walter Lure,Jeff Salen, Michael Imperioli(Sopranos) Alison Gordy & Jill Wisoff. I'm produced by Daniel Rey (Ramones) & got airplay on Genya Raven's/Goldies Garage. Performed Johnny Thunders 1 man show w/Soprano's Michael Imperioli's band (La Dolce Vita) at Snitch,Don Hills, Webster Hall. Co-producer of Looking for Johnny-The Legend of Johnny Thunders/2014. Played CJRAMONE,Record Release 2013. Opened for Recently on A&E as myself Talking about my upcoming Screenplay and new film.


Riding with Johnny Black

Written By: Johnny Black

The highway is my home
The backseat is my bed
Don't be surprised if along this ride
The signals change from green to red
Don't say I didn't warn you
If we don't turn back
Tonight you're riding
Riding with Johnny Black


Primeval Unknown LP on Skyclad/Get Hip Records
Riding with Johnny Black CD Distributed by Get Hip Records
"Johnny Black NYC" CD produced by Daniel Rey
Pirate of Love from "Johnny Black NYC" was played on Genya Ravens Goldies Garage/Sirius..
Appeared as myself on A&E recently re: my band & film.
2013- short film about my One Man Show "Who Killed Johnny Thunders?" w/performances and interviews by Sylvain Sylvain, Walter Lure, Alison Gordy, Michael Imperioli from Sopranos. A Producer of Looking for Johnny-Legend of Johnny Thunders 2014.* Check out my Sonic Bids tracks and my Video with introduction by Michael Imperioli, performing my recording of Born to Lose with Walter Lure.