Johnny Card

Johnny Card

 Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

Johnny Card is a one man band. Influenced by blues, folk and swing, plans to travel around the world with an acoustic guitar and his surfboard "Blondie".


Johnny Card is a musical project that mixes delta- blues with folk and swing.

The project centers on Joan Queralt, a musician who has played in many pop and rock bands as a drummer and guitarist, a crazy surfer who begins his solo adventure to go as far as possible.


I miss the waves contains 6 songs and it excels in simplicity. Recorded with an acoustic guitar, a piano and a peculiar drum set, the compositions combine vintage sounds with delicate acoustic arrangements and speak about the parallels between surfing and life.

It was recorded in late August 2013 at IK BCN Studio (Tiana , Barcelona ) and Ignacio Miranda did the mixing and mastering.

I Miss The Waves features 3 special collaborations. Ignasi Miranda recorded the piano, Murray Kane (Israel Garcia) sang and wrote The Endless Summer and Ligia Olmos wrote the lyrics (instead of letter?) of Light But Plenty Of Songs.

The work is edited and distributed by the record label RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.

It is worth mentioning that Johnny Card collaborates with the Nonprofit Association SURFRIDER FOUNDATION providing part of its benefits to coastal protection programs.