Johnny Cook

Johnny Cook


Folk. Blues. Country. And shamelessly hooky Pop. Used to playing in an "originals only" club, I also do plenty of traditional tunes in the above vein.


Originally a garage band electric guitar hero (still his true passion), Johnny started writing songs in 1980. Soon he (The Eddie Haskell Experience) had a loyal following in Northern Virginia and his "quirky" tunes were heard on local radio and nationally on Dr. Demento. He followed Lilly Tomlin on the legendary DC campfest, THE ARCH CAMPBELL SHOW.

In 2000 the legendary Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers released Johnny's DETROIT IRON on SINNER STREET. And later released it on THE ESSENTIAL JIMMY THACKERY and JIMMY THACKERY LIVE.

Since 2002, Johnny has toured extensively as a standup comic.

At this point, it looks like "getting the band back together" ain't gonna' happen. So Johnny Cook is doing the solo singer/songwriter thing. Johnny's short attention span breaks up the possible tedium inherent in that format by frequent changes of instruments, tunings, and harmonica/blues harp breaks. When appropriate, a blast from his standup comedy act may appear.

Able to fill an entire evening from his extensive catalogue of original tunes, Johnny also loves to play traditional standards as well as all the Beatle and Neil Young tunes he dares try to sing.


DETROIT IRON was recorded by Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers in 2000. It appears on SINNER STREET, THE ESSENTIAL JIMMY THACKERY AND JIMMY THACKERY LIVE.

Set List

Last set list consisted of 24 original songs.

When including cover tunes, always includes a wild FOLSOM PRISON BLUES, traditional blues and spiritual tunes such as SEE THAT MY GRAVE IS KEPT CLEAN, COTTONFIELDS, BRING IT ON HOME, lots and lots of NEIL YOUNG. And so much more that it makes me feel old to relate it, so give me a break!