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Picture Lil' Kim and Enimem smashed into a grinder and smothered over an episode of Sex And The City on a Saturday evening at Gay Pride!


Graduating from the “world’s most dangerous faggot emcee” to the newly reborn “X-Rated Pop Star,” Johnny Dangerous is nothing short of extraordinary. As the original bad boy of homohop reinvents himself, the Chicago-based entertainer could give two fucks what you think about him or his music. “My lyrics are raw, my music is hot, and my message is honest,” he says; left brow raised. “Whether you love me or hate me, you can’t deny my live performance. I have what others wish they had!” And he’s not lying. British publication, Attitude said of Johnny’s two thousand and four performance amongst nine of his peers, “He is one hell of a performer… he stole the show in one swoop!” Since two thousand and three, Johnny has been ripping mics, tearing new assholes of non-believers and captivating audiences’ worldwide. His comically crass lyrics and unapologetic attitude have made Johnny Dangerous a force to be reckoned with. With straight and gay fans alike, “Dangerous remains one of the most popular entertainers on the scene… [And is] arguably the most outspoken playa in the game…” URB Magazine

Two-time Outmusic Award nominee, Johnny Dangerous released his debut album Dangerous Liaisons in late 2003. Since then, Johnny has headlined several Gay Pride festivals, and gained mentions and features in several media publications such as Out, Unzipped, Instinct, URB, Attitude and more. Johnny’s music has been heard on the Logo-aired Ski Trip movie, as well as seen in the Hip Hop Homos documentary starring God-des and Deadlee. In 2005 and 2006, Johnny spent the majority of his time touring the country and promoting the critically acclaimed documentary, Pick Up The Mic, which he stars in. Mic won several awards at various film festivals, and garnered Johnny mass media attention in local and national papers. Los Angeles’ Frontiers magazine praised the movie and dubbed “Notorious potty-mouthed Johnny Dangerous and his X-Rated rhymes,” as the movie’s “Secret Weapon” in an ensemble cast of eighteen artists. Johnny ain’t no joke!

“I’m not a hip hop artist,” he claims. “I’m an entertainer who happens to rap. I act, I do pod casts, I produce… There’s nothing I can’t do!” This spring, Johnny will be co-headlining the controversial and widely publicized Homorevolution Tour. His video for his upcoming single, “Curious” will debut on Logo, and sets the tone for his latest album, Gayngsta Glam. “Gayngsta Glam picks up where Dangerous Liaisons left off,” he says, “but with wider appeal!” Johnny tackles the issues of his experiences with censorship, gay media, the War in Iraq, suburban swingers and no-good cheating lovers. He also channels vintage Beastie Boys, Salt-N-Pepa and J. J. Fad in his upbeat sophomore release, and considers it somewhat of a departure from his earlier dark and more mean-spirited records.

This time around, Johnny combats with more wit, more camp and more flare than before. He still calls the shots, but with greater charisma, enthusiasm and conviction than remembered. His voice is confident, crisp and commanding. His persona is pulsating, powerful and energetic… But his game is just as glorious, gayngsta and glamorous as ever! After all, how could you question a man who nonchalantly warns “Cuz I’m a Rockstar, cunt! I do what I want!”


"Me No Wan Dat" (Fixx Remix)

Written By: Written by J. Hill/L.Counce

ME NO WAN DAT (Dirty-Birdy Remixx)
Written by J.Hill/L.Counce
Produced by Tori Fixx for Fixx'd 4 U Productions
Background vocals by Tina G.
Published by Scorpifourth Music Publishing (ASCAP)/
LaMaj Attire Publishing
(c) 2004, US2 Records
Taken from the Johnny Dangerous album, Armed & Dangerously Remixed

Picture this, blind date-Saturday night
Profile was tight, had me excite-
Ted was his name, zodiac-Scorpio (huh)
I'm one too, I'mma give it a go
Think I'm a ho? Ha-Ha, you couldn't be any more
Right on the mark, I'll fuck in parks in the dark
Sparked up some convo, things he knew about
Before he came over, I cleaned my booty out
Laid up on the couch, seductively
Hand up on my knee, whispered how much he wanted me
Bitin' on my lip, fantasizing 'bout that dick
That he described to be eight long and five inches thick
Pushed him to the floor-ripped his pants off
The I got pissed, "what the fuck is this?"
Now I'm a bitch with a problem, a fag who just lost it
'Cuz his shit shriveled up like a Vienna sausage

Johnny don't want that, no-no he don't want that
Will Johnny go for that, hell no don't even try dat
Johnny don't want that, you best to get back, jack
Before your crap gets slapped, cuz Johnny don't want dat

Anoher fool, but this one's cool-and totally packin'
Man, he tough-actin', like Tenactin
Reaction, split me once-twice, with every stroke
Again with every prick, again with every poke
"Is you a joke?" Ha-Ha, In sixty-nine he brings me drama
Gives more head than you'd find at Jeffery Dahmer's
"Man you're fucking sick!-" tell me something I don't know
Cuz even in the picture show, he's twideling in my booty-hole
Now there's one thing-"g'head you can tell us!"
I think that he be cheatin'', I'm gettin' kinda' jealous
I don't know where he lives-sex so good I don't gives
A fuck or even two as long as I get screwed
Friday night came, we fuckin' all on the floor
Start hearin' shit, somebody bangin' on my door
Who the fuck is this? This ugly bitch with a knife
I put two and two together-the fool had a wife!


A lot of you think that I'm a sick twisted fag
You think I give a fuck or two, Ha-Ha
You sittin' with your legs crossed, clutching your throats
But in reality-your panties are soaked
Cuz you hear me say the shit that you wish
You had the balls to say, but can't-YOU LAME BITCH
I'm shittin' on you faggots, the ones who stay hating
The ones who dragged my name through the dirt and kept waiting
For me to fall off, but yo-Johnny's a fighter
And blowing out my candle won't make yours shine brighter
I'll pull an all-nighter, to wipe out the frauds
The ones who think they're cute, but more bitchy than broads
I should be appraised for the shit I voice
And if you disagree, well-your choice
But just like you, I've got a choice too
And my calling has been sent to send these fuck you's!



Written By: J.Hill/A.Ragland

Written and performed by Johnny Dangerous
Produced by Aaron-Carl
(c) 2006

Baby I’m a rock star
You didn’t know?
From the time I step out
It’s curtains for hoes
Boys idolize me
And think that I’m grand
And I ain’t leavin’ shit
Til there’s a grip in my hand
Designers wanna dress me
They’ve all seen me work it
Take your man home
Pull it out and just jerk it
I blow ya’ll bitches in the wind
Like whooo
Cuz no other hot boy
Can do what I do
I’m a rock star, baby
So let’s get it right
I make every young teen
Cream in his jeans
You see me in the movies
And never holdin’ back
“Aren’t you the star of…”
Well, as a matter of fact
All the magazines
Covers and pictures
Recognize me
Johnny Dangerous!
I’m a rock star, son
Ain’t no speculatin’
Cuz if I wasn’t here
You’d have to reason to be hatin’

(We wanna be like you!) Well ain’t that cute!
(We wanna look like you!) You ain’t that cute!
(We wanna be live like you!) Because of all of this?
(Baby, you’re a Rockstar!) Aren’t I fabulous?
(We wanna dress like you) You’ve got great taste
(We wanna freak like you) See, it’s all in the waist!
(And call shots like you) I wouldn’t go that far
Cuz Johnny Dangerous is the only Rockstar!

I’m a rock star baby
I’m puttin’ in work
I’m so fucking fabulous
And beautiful that it hurts
I love it when they scream
I love it when they yell
“Johnny D, sign this for me!”
Like hell!
You gotta be crazy
I never do what I’m told
“How could a star so beautiful
Be so bold?”
You’ve seen me in the movies
So don’t get it twisted
I’m a rock star baby
Shit, you must have missed it
I’m here to let you know
Since you seem a little slow
I’m a rock fucking star
And I’m the star of this show!
You see me pearly whites
All up in your grill
And I bat my eyelash
To emphasize how I feel
Is it real, is it fake?
Who the hell cares
Cuz I’m a rock star, cunt
I’ll do what I want
I don’t owe nobody shit
It was all me
And I’m sorry that your life is

Repreat Chorus

You wanna be like this?
You think you the best?
I hate to let you down
But you tricks look a mess
Go ‘head and pop pills
And hit the bottle
Jealous cuz Johnny D
Became a role model
It’s a lot to swallow
My name all in lights
How you bum bitches
Able to sleep at night?
I hate to be conceited
But baby I’m a star
Cuz without this attitude
I wouldn’t have gotten this far
I love to live the life
I wake up and get the shivers
Hit the red carpet
Curse the fuck out Joan Rivers!
I’m a wicked one, yes
I have to admit it
And everything they try
Believe I done did it!
Do I have to embed it
Etch it in your forehead
Until you gon’ get it?
Forget it, you’re hopeless
You’ll never understand
“Johnny why you act like that?”
Bitch, because I can!

Repeat Chorus


Written By: J.Hill/A.Ragland/L.Counce

Written and performed by Johnny Dangerous
Produced by Aaron-Carl

Oooo, look at that!
I’m curious… you got me curious baby!
OOooooo, weeeee! Ha-Ha…
Show me! (Curious)

Well, my boy Deadlee said that there was a new
Kid in town who liked to do what I do
I asked T. Fixx if he heard it too
And he was like, “Word, Johnny! I thought you knew!”
Knew what? “Knew him?” No, we ain’t met
Cuz I heard if we did, I wouldn’t forget
See the talk around town is that you like guys
Five foot six with light blue eyes
And me I like dudes who’ve got great taste
A well-endowed boy with a cute ass face
And from what I heard, you’ve got all of the above
We haven’t even met, and I think I’m in love

I’ve heard a few things from the boys downtown
That you got it goin’ on and how you get down
And I gotta say this, I’m curious
So curious and I’m serious

Show me! I’ve got to see!
Show me! I’ve got to know!
Show me! I’ve heard some things!
Show me how you work and how you get down

That’s right…
Mmm, hmmm

Well, I heard some more stories about your past
That you’d do anything just to get a piece of… (shhh!)
I gotta say this I’m curious, so curious
And I’m serious!
It’s hard for me to hear it, when I don’t know
I wanna’ see it dangle out your underwear hole
I wanna’ play with it, I wanna’ knock boots
See it stand at attention, and give it a salute (yes, sir!)
I wanna’ introduce it to my face and lips
Bend myself over and give it a little kiss
Some say I’m crazy I could have anybody
But forget all the others, I only want your bod-ay!!!

Repeat bridge

Repeat Hook

That’s right
T. Fixx, bring it back now
That’s right

Well, they say curiosity killed the cat
But they never met Johnny when he wants some of that
I’ll rob and steal just to get closer
Put my business on the table, admit it all to Oprah
I’ll polish that pole like a new Rolls Royce
My love for new boys with their new big toys
I’m like a kid on Christmas, happy and gay!
Who am I kidding, I’m gay everyday! (heeey!)
How the hell is it, we never met?
We’re both cute boys and we both like sex
We can play cops and robbers, and robbers and cops
We can play tops and bottoms and bottoms and tops

Repeat bridge

Repeat hook (twice)


"Dangerous Liaisons" (2003)
"Armed & Dangerously Remixed" (2004)
"Dangerous Liaisons - Reissue" (2006)

"Curious/Rockstar" CD5
"Dangerous" CD5
"Topsy Turvy (Remix)" CD5
"Me No Wan Dat" Remix feat. Scream Club CD5

"Phat Family Vol. 3: Freaks Come Out" (2003)
"The Ski Trip" SDTK (2005)
"Pick Up The Mic" SDTK (release TBA)

Featured on albums from other artists:
Tori Fixx "Marry Me" (2004)
God-Des "Realty" (2004)
Deadlee "Assault With A Deadlee Weapon" (2004)

Featured in the following documentaries:
Hip Hop Homos (2005)
Pic Up The Mic (2005)

Set List

"Me No Wan Dat"
"Topsy Turvy"
"Not Black Enough"

Generally, Johnny performs 5-8 tracks, depending on venue and if there are featured guest artists. A typical set ranges anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes in length.