Avon Park, Florida, USA



Johnny David is a singer/songwriter from the south of Brazil. His artistic roots stem from the family of Mario Mascarenhas, a key contributor and renowned composer of Brazilian music of the 1950s. Born to a pianist mother and a businessman for a father, Johnny David was exposed to classical music at an early age. He began his songwriting during his adolescent years, building a passion for chords and lyrics. Johnny Davids style embodies smooth acoustic rhythms laced with influences from rock, pop and romantic genres.
Now a US citizen, Johnny David currently resides in south Florida with his wife.


Seven Keys

Written By: Johnny David (Cleiton Queiroz)

In the morning
your sun shines
In the windows of my heart

In the night
In the middle of the night
you capture me with your love

In the secret of my place
I’m gonna find you every day

I’ll keep my heart
I’ll keep my temple
I’ll keep my faith

I’ll fly with you to high places
I’ll fly with you to every mountain
I’ll fly with you in every place


Written By: Johnny David (Cleiton Queiroz)

Let me hear your voice
Let me hear your heart
Let me sing a new song
A song of freedom

My spirit cries
In the streets of light
My spirit cries in the desert times

When the night falls
The full moon shines
As we sing together
The universe conspires

Crossroads, I’m walking through you
Crossroads, I’m broken through you

Runaway Love

Written By: Johnny David (Cleiton Queiroz)

Runaway love

Let me kiss you
Let me love you
Take me away with you

Let me see your eyes
Let me know your thoughts
The secrets of your heart

Let me fly in your wings
where I find peace, in the winds of life

So, take me with you x3
only you

Take me to love you
Take me to kiss you
Let me carry you in my arms

Terra Partida/Broken Land

Written By: Johnny David (Cleiton Queiroz)

Terra Partida

Written by: Cleiton Queiroz

Ha sempre um motivo
Ha sempre uma razao
Terra partida
E o inicio da evolucao

Alma quebrada ao meio
Vazio, Dores
Terra partida
Um comeco pro coracao

Nao chore, sorria
Seja um sonhador
Terra partida
Terra do coracao

Quem disse pra voce
Que nada e real?
Quem disse pra voce
Que nao pode sonhar?

Quem disse, Quem disse?
Nao sabe o que e o Amor
Nao sabe o que e Amar


Title: Broken Land

There is always a motive
Always a reason
Broken land
Is the beginning of evolution

A Soul broken in two
Empty, pains
Broken land
A Beginning for the heart

Don't cry, smile
Be a dreamer
Broken land
Land of the Heart

Who says to you
That nothing is real?
Who says to you
That dreams cannot come true?

Who says, who says?
They don't know what love is
They don't know what it is to love