Johnny Depth

Johnny Depth


Against the grain, in a music world full of hardcore, emo, rock, rap, Johhny Depth takes influences from all genres of music and spits out something that can touch all ears smoothly. Johnny Depth loves everything about you baby! Contact manager Jim Goranson,


Ears are constantly digging through muddled and overcrowded venues searching for that one band, one artist that can soothe and attract their attention to disengage them from the overplayed melodies that have been regurgitated and then regurgitated and spit back into their ears. Fans of music have searched frivolously through record stores, hoping their fingers can find that one musician that can pull their ears and then hold them with content. While passing through the J sections at your record shops, pick through the garbage and find yourselves a musician that can hold your ear, guide your ear, and then soothe it. Johnny Depth has combined his uncontested artistry, with a classically trained set of fingers, that can cure the robotic guessing musicians have stamped on boxes and passed out claiming as music. The combination of pianos, synthesizers, guitars and pacifying vocal melodies allows Johnny Depth to stand alone, by himself, waiting for ears to turn. Ears are turning, yours should too.


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