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Johnny Dick Project

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | SELF

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Blues


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"Dickin' Around at the Oasis"

Those still reeling from the explosive Kylesa show at Pop Explosion (namely, me) might get a kick out of the Johnny Dick Project, who — based on a cursory Myspace spin — create a similar atmosphere of melodic and pervasive doom. We particularly like Heather Doran’s powerful vocals, which give us a hint of Skunk Anansie vibe. They play with the Baketones and Sheer Heart Attack this Saturday at the Oasis. Wings and shit! - The Coast, Halifax, NS - Alison Lang

"Free Rock Show"

Free Rock Show

September 19, 2010

Johnny Dick Project played a short set next. JDP have been featured on Noisography quite a few times already. This is the third time I’ve seen them as a Noisographer and it was their best set yet. They are really harnessing their sound and letting their wide range of influences work for them. JDP played a tight set of their strongest material and their bass player, with his hectic dance moves, is entertaining as hell. - Noisography

"Comedy Club Metal-Johnny Dick & Zero Split"

Friday April 16th 2010
10:30pm - Jokers Comedy Club on Spring Garden Rd.

Review - Isaac Thompson
Photos/Video - Tiffany Naugler

Jokers Comedy Club on Spring Garden has decided that folk might appreciate their laughs spiked with a little hard rock and heavy metal, so on Friday April 16th , Halifax was treated to Jay Malone (Nova Scotia’s comedy champ) followed by the double-barrelled-buckshot-stylings of Johnny Dick Project and Zero Split.

Now, since we were only asked to cover the music portion of the night, Tiffany and I didn’t catch Mr. Malone’s act. I did, however, hear first-hand accounts of people laughing until their asses fell off (which no doubt will result in some lengthy and painful reconstruction surgery).

Johnny Dick Project was the first band of the night to be unleashed and those of you familiar with the Halifax rock scene may recognize JDP’s lead singer Heather Doran from the band Halcyon. She is a magnetic front-woman with a low, raspy voice forged by the gods of 90s rock. The music backing Doran is an eclectic mix of blues, grunge and heavy metal. Heather’s deep soulful vocals are backed up by the two guitar players (Rick Ferris and John Macdougal) who provide straight ahead rock harmonies and guttural speed metal screams. The strange vocal mix works best during the climactic peaks of their heavier tunes.
Drummer Ian Kean was able to switch from a typical rock 4/4 timing to a speed-metal, double-bass pitter-patter quite nicely. Bass player Kirk Shane was a blast to watch, dancing around the stage in an energetic seizure-hop that was comparable to the universal “I have to pee really badly” dance. I liked his enthusiasm. I always enjoy rock shows more when the band members lose themselves in the songs with a total lack of self-consciousness. That sort of euphoria is as contagious as a yawn (or the clap). - Noisography.

"THe Broad and Hard Orbit of Rock and Fuckinm Roll"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Start Time:
Friday, June 4, 2010 at 10:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, June 5, 2010 at 2:00am
Gus' Pub


Before we got started I had a little chat with Heather Doran of The Johnny Dick Project...

- How do you spend the couple of hours before a show? Any pre-show rituals?

Usually before the show the guys and I get together to put a set list together if we haven't done so already. But for the most part we just have a beer or two and try to relax. That is my way of not getting too nervous before going on stage. If I don't think about it too much I can get nervous. I don't really get nervous anymore just excited!

- How would you describe your live show to someone who has never seen the Johnny Dick Project?

We like to bring a lot of energy to the stage. I really feed off of my band mates and the crowd. So the more energy they have the better. I'd like to think we put on a pretty good rock show and have songs that people can stand up and rock out to.

- Are you a big fan of Gus’ Pub?

Gus' Pub is one of my favorite pub in Halifax because it has such a large varity of music. It has a great atmosphere and people. It feels like a home away from Home for me since I go there so much.

- What do you think about that forest of autumn trees on the stage walls?

It makes me feel like I am going hunting! Love it!

- Drink of choice, for a Friday night gig at Gus’ is…?

Well, I usually stick with Olands. I love my beer!

- What’s your favourite thing about performing live?

I love to be on stage! It feels so natural to me and it is one of the things that I look forward all week. I like the energy i get from the crowd and the opportunity to express myself. The free beer tickets are good too.

- Is there anything you would like to throw out there? (Up coming shows, recording news, tours, your thoughts on socks in sandals… whatever you want.)

We are currently recording our debut album and just finished the vocals and tweaking a couple things. Then we just need to get some more money to finish it. Touring is probably next on the schedule. Starting around the Maritimes and trying to build a fan base close to home before we travel far. Keep a look out for us!

Now onwards to the photos!! - Noisography


Posted by visionthenet on June 14, 2010 · Leave a Comment

Are you having a shitty day? If so VisiONtheNet has the cure, The Johnny Dick Project! The Johnny Dick Project is guaranteed to keep your beers raised high and is impossible not to rock out too. Their highly energetic stage presence captures your full attention and keeps your foot stomping. Based out of Halifax, NS, the band consists of Heather Doran on vocals, Ricky Ferris on guitar, drummer Ian Kean, bassist Kirk Schanare and vocalist/guitarist John MacDougal. I had the chance to catch up with the band after their show on June 4th at Gus’ Pub, in Halifax.

Tyler: so you guys just hit the studio to record the new album. Can you tell us a little about it?
Ian: Yeah, we recorded at Sound Market Studio’s on Quinpool. We worked with a guy named Rob Corbin, he’s doing a lot of awesome bands around the city right now. Broken Ohms is one, Cicada, Myles Deck and the Fuzz, Last Call Chernobyl and Orchid’s Curse. All kinds of awesome bands, I highly recommend him to everyone I know and I drunkenly recommend him to everyone I know. [Laughs] Sound Market Studios is the way to go! Hopefully the album will come out sometime in the fall all depends on the money situation. That’s why we’re gigging and doing our best.

T: Yeah I hear you on that. So do you guys have a track list, release date or album artwork?
I: Yep, I think we have everything ready to go, except for the money to press it.
Heather: Yeah we’re just trying to campaign money.
I: We fund raise by playing at lots of bars. Hopefully we’ll get a following and people will come check us out.

Tyler: Are you guys working with any media relations company’s to promote the new album?
I: Yep, yep. We’re working with Vision Management here [laughs].
All: [Laughing]
I: We have dealt with other ones, there’s an online music network which is They’re like a live streaming thing. You can go online, not just bands, but everything from around Halifax that’s going on., good site check it out!

Tyler: Sick. So the performance that you guys just did, fantastic. You guys are ridiculously energetic.
I: Thank you.
H: Thanks.
Ricky: Thank you very much.
Tyler: How does it feel to bring to bring your performance to life in front of an audience?
R: I’ll tell you man it’s amazing! It’s been a long time coming and it’s great to work with these people. We get on stage and fucking rock it out.
H: It’s good the energy the crowd gives us as well. I can kinda feed off the crowd and each other. You need that to be as energetic and bring as much as you can to the show.

Tyler: What songs do you guys feel have the best audience response?
R: I’d say the blues song.
I: The blues song is a good one.
H: It’s called “Drifter” actually.
I: Yeah that’s it’s actual name but it’s very bluesy obviously by the name we’ve given it. “The Ode” has always been a favorite of mine ever since Ricky gave me the demo. That was without vocals just rough guitars. That was always the one that stood out to me, unfortunately we didn’t have time to play that one tonight but a lot of people catch on to it. It’s kind of a sing-song anthem type thing. If it were shorter we’d try to put it on the radio but unfortunately it has guitar solos. It’s a little long.
R: It’s about six minutes [laughs].
I: We’re working on new ones that we can hopefully put out to the radio.
H: “Stand Alone” was actually another song we considered as the single.
I: That was recorded at Soundmarket and released kind of as a single.

Tyler: Do you guys plan on hitting a tour, or a small east coast tour?
I: We were thinking October but it’s hard to say with raising money. Not only for an album but for a tour as well. Hopefully we’ll be able to do some weekend dates in the fall. So look for that yo!
H: We could do a maritime tour.
R: We’re willing to work really hard but our main constraint is money.

Tyler: With that being said, what’s the best way to fund raise and what are you doing right now?
R: Pretty old school now…
I: It’s all about playing shows getting the following and getting people to enjoy your band and the energy you put off.
H: We won a battle of the bands and that’s where we got most of the money.
Tyler: I heard about that, you won obviously but how’d that go?
I: It was good, it was a unique experience and luckily it paid off for us and we were able to hit the studio. Nothing but great things to say!

Tyler: Sweet, well anything else to throw out there?
H: We have a myspace, and maybe we’ll have a website.
I: Soon
R: We just have to build it
All: [Laughing]
I: Right now we’re still pretty new, just about a year old. We’re trying to make it happen so look out for us in the future, and our album. Hopefully due in the fall, accompanied by world tour, world domination.
All: [Laughing]
I: All that good stuff. MTV! (Sarcasm)
Tyler: Fuck MTV.
H: They play garbage.
I: Sarcasm, heavily [laughs] Can you edit sarcasm in there?
Tyler: Definitely man [laughs]. Thanks for doing this guys.
R: Yeah absolutely man.
H: No problem!
I: Vision! - Vision The Net


Johnny Dick Demo
Debut album "In The Beginning" Coming Winter 2010



The Johnny Dick Project is a new creation using only the finest ingredients this land has to offer. With hand selected musicians; Jonathan Richard Ferris, John MacDougall, Kirk Schnare, Ian Kean and Heather Doran from great past and present Bands such as; Halcyon, Hellacaust, Huge, The Letter Unfold and The Repercussionists, they are mixed together under great care and craftsmanship, in small batches, taking the time to get it right to ensure a rich flavorful quality that is undeniably smooth and original.

Yes, this special blend of Rock, Folk, Indie, and Metal produces a taste that is equally as unique as it is refreshing, sure to satisfy the taste buds of even the thirstiest music lovers.
So make The Johnny Dick Project a part of your next night on the town or social event and let it be know to all your friends, family and co workers that when it comes to great music, you live by a simple yet important rule. Originality can never be mass produced.

For free samples and more information on where to find The Johnny Dick Project visit