Johnny Ford

Johnny Ford


Johnny Ford -- In large tumbler, combine one part Hank Williams, one part Kurt Cobain, and one part Son House. Fill remainder with Tennessee whiskey and filter-less smokes of your choice. Mix at high speed, and like sweet revenge, serve cold--Watch out--this stuff is powerful!


Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, and having lived in numerous cities throughout the 'sunshine state', Johnny Ford 'brings-it' like we aint heard it in years. Armed with just an acoustic guitar (either his '58 Harmony git-box (named Loretta), or his Epiphone Jumbo) and his desperate and howling nicotine drenched voice, this Southern boy can coax goose-bumps to rise on the necks of even the most hardened and cynical listeners.

Ruminating in hauntingly seductive verses about his years doing battle with alcohol, drugs, the law and the world at large, Johnny's music is at once distressing and uplifting and has caught the attention of many folks at a string of recent shows in New York City. Whether showcasting at NYC's industry favorite, Crash Mansion, or playing the opening slot for punk shows at the infamous CBGB's, Johnny Ford's "Big City Southern" style of music is turning heads.

With song titles such as FLA, Innafight, and Gettysburg, Johnny runs the full gammut of subject matter while excluding any and all fluff--no candy pop here. From the geographical tour-de-force, FLA, to the autobiographical killer, Innafight, to his historically rich tune entitled Gettysburg, Johnny Ford is a true tunesmith. And what's more?--This boy can sing!--Forget all those whispered verses aided by multi-tracking technology that have plagued the rock scene for the last 10 years! The title of Johnny Ford's recently completed first full length CD says it all, "Howl and Moan". So check your head and get ready to rock--no distortion required--Johnny Ford is the real thing.