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"Johnny Forlorn comes to us in this new story teller incantation. It is always refreshing for a musician to come out of their shell and test out waters of a different temperature. Some of you may know John Clough more for his past work as the front man for Shadow Light or keyboardist for Faith & Disease. Johnny takes us along his own personal journey of death, love loss, and enchantment. This CD is rich in sorrow, as evident with song titles such as, "Only My Name Remains", "Going Home", and "The Devil's Lying Inside".
Musically, Johnny Forlorn conjures up a bit of Nick Cave crossed with some long-forgotten sea shanty veteran. This is a new direction for Johnny and as with any new journey, somethines your soul may get lost along the way. Come get lost with Johnny. --CD" - The Sentimentalist


"This is the first solo release from John Clough (keyboardist for Faith & Disease and lead vocalist for Shadow Light), and a damn impressive debut it is too. His vocals and somber piano work take the lead, but he has also assembled an impressive band that does a great job filling out the eclectic sound that blends folk music with some wonderfully melancholic rock elements. Comparisons are difficult, but flashes of Tom Waits and Nick Cave, albeit with completely different vocals more in the vein of Gary Numan or Voltaire, come to mind. The real beauty of The First Loss is the piano melodies. The songs could be stripped of everything except the piano and it would still be a joy to listen to. The best cuts tend to be the grander, more intrinsically catchy numbers, "Only My Name Remains", "Going Home, and the jazzy send up "Hey Mr. DJ". But Johnny Forlorn can deliver quieter moments with skill as well, as eveidenced by "Linger", and the pretty "In A Moment". The First Loss isn't a terribly complex or overproduced record and is all the better for it. These are simple, heart felt songs that let the beautiful melodies shine through and transport the listener." ~ Daniel Hinds - Outburn


"Johnny Forlorn takes a seat at his piano, modestly careful of his suit. Some may recognize him as John Clough, the pianist whose sensitive playing enhanced the bittersweet, sepia-toned mood of Faith & Disease. With "The First Loss," Johnny Forlorn is in the spotlight, paired with his piano and joined by a cast of backing musicians including a trombonist, a violinist and a seven-woman choir. He builds upon our first impression with heartfelt, understated phrases on the piano and a strong, straightforward singing voice with a hint of pathos in it. His elegant playing, along with the accompanying musicians and especially the choir, sustains a vintage atmosphere, as though performed in a club where candlelight reflects mellowly from mahogany furniture and dark walls. These are fatalistic songs about the ironies and sorrows of life: loneliness, loss of love, self-doubt, and mortality, all expressed in sentimental but polished poetry. Comparisons can be made with Nick Cave or M. Gira (Angels of Light), but Johnny Forlorn is a more romantic character than either, pouring out his sorrows with just the right amount of irony, wit and dramatic flair." ~ Carolee Harrison - Gothic Beauty


John Clough aka Johnny Forlorn is known for his involvement into Shadow Light and especially Faith & Disease. He now released an impressive debut-album. Several other musicians contributed to his opus and among them a 7-woman choir. Musically speaking, it would be easy to call it gothic, but J. Forlorn goes much further than the simple gothic anthem. The more you visit the world of Forlorn, the more you’ll be caught by the sensitive ballads and emotional dark parts, which often reminds to Nick Cave. The “Hey Mr. DJ”-cut is for sure one of the most typical songs in the Cave-style. Among the other pieces I would for sure like to mention “Evelyn” for the impressive chorus where the female choir realizes a damned efficient performance. “Saying goodbye” is a cool balled that has been sung with passion and devotion. Well, it all sounds that easy, but behind this feeling hides for sure a hard labor. If you definitely prefer some more rock sound, “The devil’s lying inside” will probably satisfy all your needs. I’ve been wondered about myself, but I enjoyed this refreshing and sensitive “The first loss”. (DP:6/7)DP ~ Cedric. - Side Line


The First Loss - 2003 (10 Tracks - 10 Originals)
Another Round, Please - 2006 (11 Tracks - 9 Originals)



John grew up near San Francisco where his family were farmers for 4 generations. The music he heard growing up varied widely from Lee Greenwood to the Steve Miller Band. From the age of eight, John took piano lessons until he got into high school when we joined his frist band as the keyboardist. He then ended up playing in several bands until he finally moved to Seattle in 1989. In Seattle, he studied sound engineering in college while taking guitar and vocal lessons as well. He's played either as a keyboardist or vocalist in bands such as Faith & Disease, Shadow Light and Prayers for the Raven before finally deciding to go under his solo stage name of Johnny Forlorn.

Most of Johnny's songs are fairly somber but are not always nor do they always come from his own personal experiences. Frequently his songs stem from those whom he's met along the way. Many of the songs are story-telling such as "The Devil's Lying Inside" and "In A Moment" while others stick to a standard rock arrangement such as "Long Dusty Road" and "Only My Name Remains". He is influenced by, and often compared to, such artists as Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, the Walkabouts, and even the Pogues.

Artists and guest artists appearing on the recordings are friends that Johnny has met throughout his years of playing as a studio musician, playing on stage with, or being part of a previous band with. Some of these musicians are from the bands: the Swains, Faith & Disease, the Living Jarboe, Legion Within, and more.

From Siberia to Japan, from the Philipines to Europe, Johnny's first two albums have been played in clubs and radio stations around the world. Domestically, they have been received very well at CMJ college stations as well as specialty shows and at clubs.