Johnny Gammage

Johnny Gammage


All original songs incorporating an array of genres and a unique, soulful voice. The voice holds a powerful Tarzanian yodel, complimenting many of the songs. If I am incorporating a band for a gig, the music defintely makes people want to move their bodies.


Despite growing up in a muiscal family, it was not until high school I started playing drums in a band. However, it was not until my college years that I put down the drumsticks and picked up the guitar. Something eternal drove me to begin playing my own songs. With a guitar and a chord book, my writing abilities quickly progressed to the same tier as my desire.

Having no formal training, I regard this ignorance as bliss, in that my music is not bound to certain parameters.

If disected, many of the progressions are blues-based progressions played in a most unorthodox manner.


Beatsille - 1994
Johnny Gammage - 1997
The Johnny Gammage Band -2000
Johnny Gammage - ColdWater Flats - 2001
The Johnny Gammage Band - Oasis -2003

Set List

He Was a Friend of mine
Overdressed in the West
Angel By Day, Devil By Night
Don't Really Give A Damn
Ghost Dance
Something Wicked This Way Comes
In the Night
Leaves of Color
Heavy Weather
Voodoo Queen
Down By the River
Elephant Gone Mad

Generally, I will break these up into three 45-minute sets with two 15-minute breaks in between.

Very rarely do I play covers. Every blue-moon I will play an old Johnny Cash song, such as Folsom Prison or Big River.