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johnny goudie


johnny goudie is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and producer from austin texas. his music has been described as beatlesque with traces of bowie, t-rex and cheap trick with a casio.


Johnny Goudie

From rock and roll front man and band leader to guitar/keyboard playing sideman, for which he won “best keyboard player” in the 2004 Austin chronicle music awards for his work with indie rock band Endochine, to studio musician playing on such albums as Eliza Gilkyson’s Lost and Found and Jeff Klein’s Everybody Loves a Winner, to songwriter’s songwriter, writing with the likes of Jane Wiedlin & Charlotte Caffey of the Go-Go’s and the ever-celebrated Patty Griffin to name a few, Johnny Goudie has earned and maintained the title musician’s musician.

As former front man/leader of the band Goudie, he gained national attention when the band was signed to Lars Ulrich’s Elektra records subsidiary, The Music Company, after the band was together a mere 9 months. The band released one album on the vanity label, the critically acclaimed, Peep Show (2000). The album was produced by Goudie, Mike McCarthy (spoon, … and You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead) and Dan Maccarrol (The Grays, Aimee Mann) and mixed by Jack Joseph Puig (No Doubt, John Mayer, Remy Zero). The band spent over a year on tour of America in support of the album. Lost in the shuffle after the AOL merger and dissatisfied with his “100% creative freedom” deal Johnny decided to take his band and leave the multinational conglomerate label and join forces with some friends in a cooperative independent label out of Austin called India Records. After a celebrated second album, effects of madness (2002) and another year on the road, Johnny decided to disband the group that bore his name.

After his time in Goudie, Johnny returned to his biggest passion, sitting in his home studio writing and recording songs, something he’s done since he was 16 years old. During his time in the studio Johnny continued to perform as a sideman in several different bands including: God Drives a Galaxy, Lowery 66, and finally joining Endochine after the release of their critically acclaimed album “Day Two.” It was while he was on tour with Endochine, and as he was going through the break-up of his marriage, that Johnny wrote and recorded the songs for Boy in a Box. The record showcases Johnny’s masterful songwriting abilities, his unique and beautiful voice and his versatility as a musician. Goudie plays all of the instruments on almost every song. It is Johnny's best and most personal album to date.

The 12 songs on Boy in a Box reflect Johnny's coming of age. From the instant rock and roll classic that opens the album, "Sex Machine", to the New York Dolls swagger and attitude of "Back of a Magazine”, in which Goudie warns of the perils of rock stardom “they’ve got some pictures with all your clothes off/ and all the cocaine, it ate your nose off”. The ode to loss and self-deprecation "Old Enough" where he confesses “of everyone that you evaded, you’re the only one you hated”. "Leave it Alone", with its sad trumpets playing over a funeral drum waltz as he sings “baby, you just don’t treat me right/lately when everything is going good for you”. The deceptively sensitive shoe gazer anthem, "Stay" where he flippantly yet sweetly explains, “I never got to fuck her, but I kissed her on the cheek”. It is safe to say that listening to this album makes you feel like you’re reading a fascinating novel accompanied by a warm sing a long soundtrack.

As strong as Johnny’s writing and recording abilities are, those are only part of the package. He is also one of the most captivating and compelling front men around. His presence on stage is larger than life. “You can’t take your eyes off of him.” was how he was described in Billboard magazine. With a voice that can go from falsetto whisper to blood-curdling scream in two notes and he can go from Robin Zander-like stoicism to Who-like thrashing of his guitar in a matter of seconds. At his solo shows, his sense of humor and love for story telling shine as much as his gorgeous voice and “tell-all” lyrics. Keeping the audience captivated and silently waiting for the next outrageous thing to come out of his mouth either in song or candid conversation. Johnny Goudie is the consummate performer.

Boy in a box will hit the streets on May 17th, as the first release on the new label, F+M Records. Look for Johnny on tour solo and with his band until the end of time starting in may 2005.

Johnny goudie - fact sheet:

As former leader of goudie:

· Released two critically acclaimed albums. Peep Show (Elektra) in 2000.
Produced by: Goudie, Mike Mcarthy and Dan Macarroll.
Mixed by: Jack Joseph Puig, and ...Effects of Madness (India) in 2001.
Produced by: Mark Addison and Goudie.

· Albums featured special guests: Aimee Mann, Patty Griffin, David Garza

· Albums featured songs co-written with: Jane Wiedlin (Go-Gos),
Kevin Hunter (Wire Train), Jeff Klein and Kacy Crowley

· Songs featured on MTV's Road Rules (2002), and many national and radio samplers
including: ASCAP's The ASCAP EAR vol. 3,


Goudie, peep show (2000) -vocals, guitar, keyboards, co-producer

Goudie, ...effects of madness (2002) -vocals, guitar, keyboards, drums, piano, casio, omnichord, co-producer, engineer

Eliza Gilkyson, lost and found (2002) -backing vocals

Spencer Gibb, Four-Track mind (2002) -drums, backing vocals, tambourine

Jeff Klein, everybody loves a winner (2003) -Fender Rhodes, backing vocals

Canvas, four days awake (2003) -organ

God Drives a Galaxy, Pale blue dot (2003 -co-producer

Daniel Kang, I wish you could see (2003) - producer, engineer, drums, guitar

Colin Gilmore, The Day the World stopped...(2004) -backing vocals

Pale, Here (2004) - keyboards

Saturday’s Radar, Kill All the D.J.’s (2005) – producer, keyboards, backing vocals

Canvas, Painting the Roses (2005) – producer, keyboards, omnichord, piano, Rhodes, backing vocals, atmospheric guitar

Johnny Goudie, Boy in a Box (2005) -vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, producer, engineer

Set List

In his set, Johnny plays songs from his album and songs from his extensive catalog.