Johnny Granata

Johnny Granata


Johnny [Granata]’s songs are long full of strong melodic twists and outstanding arrangements…they shine with a distinct personality that cannot be pinpointed toward one influence or another. – Ben Walpole, Community Press Cincinnati, OH


John Kathman, a.k.a. Johnny Granata, was drawn into a music career at a young age. A talented song writer and musician, he formed the rock band AlbinoVega with high school friends, and soon moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

While in Nashville, Kathman shopped Music City for his place in the music scene and began extensive song writing. He recorded what would be AlbinoVega’s first official release, For the Gusto, with engineer Warren Peterson (Jimmy Buffet, Ryan Adams) at Omni Sound Studios in downtown Nashville. With his star rising in AlbinoVega, Kathman felt that his songwriting just was not reaching its full potential in this heavy rock band. AlbinoVega obtained a distribution deal with SPAT! Records, but Kathman decided to put the band on hold. Determined to fly solo, he began writing songs with more melody and depth, leaving the heavy guitars and abrasive vocals behind.

Performing every instrument himself for his newly recorded demo, High on Parker Street, Kathman settled on a stage name, and Johnny Granata was born. Johnny continues his songwriting and plans to self release his first solo album in early 2008.


Pending EP release, "High on Parker Street"
tracks available at:

Set List

Set lists range anywhere from a half hour to one and a half hours. Almost all songs are originals, with occasional covers of, but not limited to:
Elliott Smith
Jeff Buckley
Saves The Day
James Taylor