Johnny Handsome & the Flexible Joints

Johnny Handsome & the Flexible Joints


Recipe for a Johnny Handsome shake : Take a pound of rolling stones dutch delight and an ounce of dylan's belgium sparkles and mix it together with a blend of fogerty flavour and two johnny cashticles. Stir on the oven for a while and then drink while it's still hot. Keeps your joints flexible.


The ideal popsong is short, tuneful and easey to sing a long with. Mark van Dijk from Lommel, Belgium writes that kinda songs. His band Johnny Handsome & the Flexible Joints belongs to the best kept secrets in Roots Rock. Time to get the secret unfold.
Influences you hear among others are Dylan, the Stones, Mellencamp and the Kinks but there is an absolutely own identity in mans music. The voice contains a suppleness and rawness in the style of Van Morrison and Mick jagger. The music describes itself as a sort of timeless amalgam of acoustic pop rock with a taste of country.


Johnny Handsome & the Flexible Joints - Debut album contains 13 tracks

Set List

2 sets of 1 hour, 1 set of 2 hours depends on what u want. The music contains own material only.