Johnny Lloyd Rollins

Johnny Lloyd Rollins


Originally from California, Johnny Lloyd Rollins has set the music world a buzz in the Lonestar State of Texas. He has quickly gained notoriety as the second coming of Elvis, Mccartney, and Cash all rolled up into one. Johnny is poised to bring back to music what matters most...a simple song.


"An unabashed fan of Brit pop, Rollins writes with an irrefutable nod to Paul McCartney using working class themes and characters that have an almost Dickensian feel. The songs are refreshingly optimistic yet never cloying, humorous but not cynical. Songs for a time such as this. Songs for a post-911 era, though not intentionally so"


Let's Be Poor Together

Written By: Johnny Lloyd Rollins

Holes in my shoes sometimes give me the blues
And my second hand clothing, it makes me look lonely
But draped in jewelry doesn't feel much better
So let's be poor together

Luxury's fine if you like vintage wine
And your fancy old car takes you from near to far
But riches never seem to last forever
So let's be poor together

And I said, money will float away like a feather
Let's be poor together

Asleep under bridges, that's my greatest of wishes
A box for a throne that's what I call my home
Through cold and dark and not so fairer weather
Let's be poor together

One Day At A Time

Written By: Johnny Lloyd Rollins

Knees start knocking need a cane for walking
I take one day at a time
Eye site's going now my greys are showing
I take one day at a time

Wheel chairs, back hairs, blanks stares
I can hardly wait
Hope to see you while I'm standing at the pearly gates

Hands keep shaking and my bones are aching
I take one day at a time
Stand right near ya need an aid to hear ya
I take one day at a time

Bed pans, gall stones, rest homes
Where'd I put my teeth?
Lie beside me it's so peacefull when we're six foot deep

Blood gets colder as I'm growing older
I take one day at a time
Thought of stopping when I'm tired of talking
I take one day at a time


Let's Be Poor Together (EP)

Set List

15- 20 songs originals...

covers played (4 hour sets) if necessary