Johnny Mack aka Johnny Stash

Johnny Mack aka Johnny Stash


Dela Blues - Hot high energy blues with some strong country/southern rock influence


I first played and sang on live radio when I was 13 years old.I began playing in niteclubs, dances and fairs that same year. Born and raised in the Delta next to the Mississippi River I was exposed to Delta Blues, Country, Ziedaco, Dixieland, Southern Gospel, Black Gospel, Souther Rock and Rock n Roll.
I loved and was influenced by all of it. I played classic rock and country-blues cover tunes for over 20 years with my band Driftwood. At the same time I was working as a jingle writer for radio/tv commercials and actually appeared in tv commercials as a pitchman.As a frontman I became an Entertainer as well as a player, going on to do stand up comedy using music/song in my show.I still do about 150 stand up comedy gigs a year. The
players I bring with me are at the top of thir game and are doing what they love giving my audience great music along with a well choreagraphed show.


Better To Be Lucky

Written By: JJones/DJones

Waitin on judge worry on my mind
Knew the judge would make me pay probably give me time
I couldnt afford a lawyer I didnt have a buck
I knew my best chance
was dance with lady luck
The judge he didnt fine me not a penny I had to pay
Better to be lucky than good anyday

My son came home from school one day worried as could be
Said he had a big test and needed help from me
I said son let me give you advise thas the best
Just tell them what you know and then just make a guess
You see it doesnt really matter if you never make the grade
Its Better To Be Lucky Than Good Anyday
Its Better To Be Lucky Than Good Anyday
When times are tuff and things are ruff luck still gone pay
That why I`m always smiling its in the hands of fate
Better To Be Lucky Than Good Anyday
A woman I had never met called me on the phone
Said she needed to see me she was all alone
She lived in a big castle had 6 Mercedes Benz
Said if I would marry her she`d give me all her ends
She asked me how it was things turned out this way
Better To Be Lucky Than Good Anyday
Repeat Chorus

Set List

Show consist 30 minutes of cover tunes of classic southern rock/blues by band. Then I come on and do 60 minutes of origional Blues songs.