Johnny No

Johnny No

 Mobile, Alabama, USA

Johnny No is taking blues back to its raw, gritty roots with a collection of music out of the deepest, darkest realms of the American South.


Over the years, blues has become a foundation for a variety of musical genres. It is this ideology that has brought together the members of one of the blues scene’s most promising up and comers. Johnny No is proving that the various faces of blues can provide an aural common ground that transcends genres and generations in order to create music that appeals to all. Johnny No has been spending a majority of its existence appeasing the masses crowded into the various watering holes lining the Gulf Coast.
One must look first to Johnny No’s line-up in order to understand their unique blues sound and philosophy. Guitarist Al McNab and drummer Bob Scroggins were shaped by Southern Rock pioneers such as the Allman Brothers in the 70s. They spent a good portion of their career rocking glam metal in the 80s. This exposure and experience has shaped McNab’s untouchable guitar skills and Scroggins unbreakable rhythms. Bassist P.T. Marston is a jam disciple with a vast array of eclectic sensibilities, which he throws freely into the mix. “The Rev.” rounds out this five-piece blues powerhouse with vocals full of fire and fury pulled from his time in underground rock. Despite their diverse musical backgrounds, they have found a bond in the blues.
Johnny No is currently promoting their debut release “The Riviera Sessions, Vol. 1.” Johnny No’s goal was to create an old school vibe in the same vein as Howlin’ Wolf or Muddy Waters. The band journeyed to Como, Ms. (home of Otha Turner and Mississippi Fred McDowell) to lay down tracks with Grammy Award winning producer Jimbo Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers, Buddy Guy) and engineer Justin Showah at Delta Recording Services. This facility prides itself on providing a recording environment filled with vintage equipment. Delta Recording Services has attracted a variety of musicians from Elvis Costello to The Hives. Mathus and Showah captured the live essence of Johnny No in this ideal aural environment to produce eight tracks of raw, gritty blues.
From raucous juke riffs such as “Gimme Some” to mesmerizing, traditional blues numbers such as “So Hard” to the hard-driving “So Unkind (P.T. Blues),” Johnny No have tried to cover as many styles of blues as possible with The Riviera Session, Vol. 1. This album begs to transport the listener to the darker days of blues by riddling their music with tales of murder, adultery, the devil, vengeance, intoxication, heartbreak, betrayal and sex. With their debut in hand, Johnny No will be working overtime to spread their sounds to the four winds and bring their intense live show to every corner of the world.


TITLE: The Riviera Sessions, Vol. 1

YEAR: 2011

PRODUCER: Jimbo Mathus


Recorded, mixed and mastered at Delta Recording Service, Como, Ms.

Set List

Girl #24
So Unkind
Death Don't Win
All Her Lovin'
Heard Some Things
Gimme Some
It's Hard
Tall Grass Rag
Lust to Dust
Preacher Blues
Player's Dream
Samedi's Boast
Lights Out