Johnny No Stars

Johnny No Stars


Soundtrack to violent MURDERS!


Johnny No Stars was formed in the intellectual hub of Ann Arbor, MI in 1999. The original lineup - Lars on vocals and rhythm, Dan on percussion, and Baker on lead guitar - were old friends who were inspired to reform parts of their defunct high school garage band. Joined by college chum Ben on bass guitar, the four forged a unique style of psychedelic rock in a tiny loft apartment complex whenever the neighbors would allow. Inspired by the jaunting rhythms of Tool, and the lurching melancholy of Radiohead, JNS completed an independent 6 song e.p. (Welcome to Norad) in 2001, while playing every dirty club and every shady house party they possibly could. The blue collared work ethic of the band inspired local venues to showcase Johnny No Stars on a monthly basis, helping to build their fan base with strong grassroots efforts. In early 2005, the band assembled a personal studio for the sole purpose of producing their first independent album, Willful Suspension of Disbelief, which has been in high demand as the group headlines shows across the metro-Detroit area. With the recent addition of Deuce on keys and synth, the group has further managed to evolve their distinct psychedelic metal sound with haunting melodies drawing from brit-pop and electronic trip-hop influences. The band has recently completed the three song EP Any Day Now, and are currently touring the area to promote it.


Holographic Life

Written By: Johnny No Stars

Gently floating on the ceiling
A collection of thoughtless and inconsequential anomalies
Something within feeling driven
To develop an intuitive understanding of something I know
Slowly melting what inhibits me
From freedom from all of these physical boundaries governed by
Lawless waves of indiscretion
Leave me free from the blinding of spectrums so brilliant
They beckon me home
Can you dream while your awake

Separate my body and mind
Recognize which one is divine
Redefine what it means to control
In this holographic life

Looking hazy rules are changing
I will seek all the answers to quantumly master reality
Now returning feel the burning
Of the knowledge required to summon the fire of all that is one


Willful Suspension of Disbelief
Any Day Now EP

Set List

A typical setlist is Holographic Life, Eveready, Temper Temper, Any Day Now, Front Toward Enemy, Crimson, & Untied. This set would be approximately 45 minutes.