Johnny No Stars

Johnny No Stars


Johnny No Stars is an intellectual metal band with an eccentric sound and hard work ethic. After their 2005 indy release, their extensive gigging efforts have gained them exposure throughout the Midwest.


Love, hate, politics, inner conflict, life, death, and out of body experiences. Hardcore guitar riffage, beautiful melodic transitions, and powerful jam breakdowns. Johnny No Star's first full length album and powerful live show is here. You've never heard anything like it.


Willful Suspension of Disbelief - Oct 2005
Willful Suspension Sampler - 2005
The NORAD EP - 2001

Set List

We play a mixture of originals plus one or two covers depending on the night. All the songs are connected through interludes / conversations with the crowd. Sets last 30 minutes to an hour (sometimes more).