Johnny & The Xs

Johnny & The Xs


Johnny & the Xs is a 4 piece blues-rock outfit, with melodic leads, rocking solos, heavy bass lines and swinging drums.

A little bit Rock and Roll, a little bit punk rock, some bluesy overtones, and a dash of heartbreak.


Johnny and the X’s is a four-piece blues-rock outfit which began when Lament approached Paterson and Szabolcs with a number of songs he had written. Lament and Paterson had previously worked together in the band Sweet Lips, and were friends and fans of Szabolcs’s work in The Nightmares and The Famous Monsters. After some time working on their songs, and playing a few gigs, Szabolcs brought in Gomez to finish off the lineup.

Lament’s songwriting is based around a love and respect of lyricism and storytelling, being heavily influenced by artists like Tom Waits, Neil Young, and The Beatles. Mixed with punk rock influences like Social Distortion, the sound evolved into “Blues with attitude”.

With the love songs and ballads that seem to dominate popular music, heartbreak and the harder side of love became the focus of Lament’s songwriting - a subject that can be a little bit harder to tackle but that everyone can relate to.

Johnny and the X’s will draw you in with their soulful lyrics, stir up past heartbreak, and leave you grooving and dancing your blues away.